Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gerald Ford

Gerald Ford was the first president I ever voted for. In the Fall of 1976 I cast my vote for Gerald Ford in Mrs. Hanold's 2nd grade room. Many things have changed in my life since though as a 2nd grader I still agree with my childish, yet wise assessment that voting for Jimmy Carter was foolish. History proved me right.

Gerald Ford for the most part kept his mouth shut during the terms of subsequent presidents. Though he was quiet he was always willing to give his own party advice about finding common ground with cooperative bi-partisanship. In the last 10 years Gerald Ford continued to warn the GOP of embracing the religious right and often scolded the GOP about those that mention God freely in the political arena. I always found his claim to be empty of conviction because I remember him as a president and I pay attention to what people say. Here is Ford's speech that he gave as he pardoned Richard Nixon:

Ladies and gentlemen:

I have come to a decision which I felt I should tell you and all of my fellow American citizens, as soon as I was certain in my own mind and in my own conscience that it is the right thing to do.

I have learned already in this office that the difficult decisions always come to this desk. I must admit that many of them do not look at all the same as the hypothetical questions that I have answered freely and perhaps too fast on previous occasions.

My customary policy is to try and get all the facts and to consider the opinions of my countrymen and to take counsel with my most valued friends. But these seldom agree, and in the end, the decision is mine. To procrastinate, to agonize, and to wait for a more favorable turn of events that may never come or more compelling external pressures that may as well be wrong as right, is itself a decision of sorts and a weak and potentially dangerous course for a President to follow.

I have promised to uphold the Constitution, to do what is right as God gives me to see the right, and to do the very best that I can for America.

I have asked your help and your prayers, not only when I became President but many times since. The Constitution is the supreme law of our land and it governs our actions as citizens. Only the laws of God, which govern our consciences, are superior to it.

As we are a nation under God, so I am sworn to uphold our laws with the help of God. And I have sought such guidance and searched my own conscience with special diligence to determine the right thing for me to do with respect to my predecessor in this place, Richard Nixon, and his loyal wife and family.

This is Gerald Ford mentioning God more times in one speech than most presidents do at their annual prayer breakfast. Also, keep in mind that the role of this speech was to convinced Democrats (especially those in the South) that he was doing the right thing. My how times have changed.

The one thing I'll always admire about Gerald Ford was that it was through his experience that I saw how media changed things. Even as a young boy I knew that the media portrayed him as a bumbling, clumsy man. The reality was that he was a man of great conviction who came out of extreme poverty. He had an alcoholic father that impacted his life so much that he and his wife have treated those bound by addiction. He was perhaps the greatest athlete to ever become president. I watched the 1978 Rose Bowl where my beloved Washington Huskies were playing Michigan. Gerald Ford was in the stands rooting for Michigan. My dad told me he was a football player for Michigan on their 1932 National Championship team and in 1934 was their most valuable player.

To the media Gerald Ford was a bumbling fool who stumbled into the White House and with the stroke of a pen denied them the red meat they desired so much. Ford prevented them from watching over an opportunity to see Nixon torn apart in a trial. (same media that has largely ignored Saddam's trial but I digress) It was for this reason really that the country did end up turning to a true bumbling fool of a peanut farmer from Georgia.

By the way, Ford won in a landslide in my 2nd grade class. Carter only got one vote and I even argued that the vote shouldn't have counted because it was from a kid in another class. If you have any seven year olds at home and they act like this...beware this is how they become libertarians.

May God Bless Gerald Ford and his famly.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas

I'm happiest in the Christmas time when I just ignore the entire season until December 18th. I don't listen to Christmas music, I don't shop, and I don't stress or worry about anything. Actually I seldom even plan for anything that will follow up until that point. Besides, with my family planning doesn't help anyway.

For two years in a row I've tried to have my entire family over to my house for Christmas. In year's past I've been to everyone's house who hosted Christmas. I even had to do split Christmas duty and spend the whole holiday driving all over the place just to make it everywhere. Now that I have a house I will have hosted the last two Christmas gatherings only hardly anyone shows up for various reasons. Mostly they'd rather just not bother. I used to be irritated by this but now I see it as a blessing because I don't have to do as much.

It's at these times people tell me to remember what Christmas is really all about, but with all due respect to Linus I think I'll just keep Christmas a secular holiday for me.

This is what I love about Christmas time:

Girls in sweaters
Christmas lights (especially blue)
Handel's Messiah
Holiday TV Specials (Rudolph and Charlie Brown are my favorite)
Getting Christmas cards when people actually write something in them.

Things during Christmas I could do without:

Christmas Cards where you just sign your name. Don't bother.
Any variation of the 12 Days of Christmas where someone thinks they can make it funny by changing the words. Stop it. No one cares?
Lame nativity plays
So-called Christmas stories where most of the Biblical accounts are wrong.
Family Stress.
Bad Gravy.

Have a Merry Christmas to all.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Immigrant Hero? Wrong again liberal media!

In Arlington Virginia Jaimen Ortiz rescued a toddler who fell from a second story window. MSNBC's article reports that Ortiz "hopped a fence and ran to the apartment building....put out his arms and caught her cleanly, perhaps saving her life..."

As you can see this man who is reported to be from Guatamala is probably used to hopping fences. So the media portrays him as a hero even though he has not bothered to learn English as the article continues, "If I had delayed one more second, she would have fallen to the ground," Ortiz said through a Spanish interpreter..."

How long will this country and the liberal media continue to portray Illegals such as Jaimen Ortiz as heroes while they continue to hop fences and thumb their nose at the beloved language of our nation?

Mr. Ortiz needs to be deported as he is obviously ruining our country.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Trees at our dumb airport

I'm amazed that the whole country has been talking about what happened at our little Seattle Tacoma International Airport. The Port of Seattle decided to remove Christmas trees from the airport because a local Rabbi threatened a lawsuit. I don't take sides in this because what happened is more of a commentary on how stupid religious symbols have become. Here are some facts about what happened:

1. The Rabbi didn't want the Christmas trees to come down but he was frustrated because the Port of Seattle ignored his request for awhile to place a Menorah as part of the seasonal display. For whatever reason they only responded to his correspondence when a lawyer representing the Rabbi's group pointed out that the law was not on the side of the Port.

2. The Port of Seattle realized that their biggest vulnerability was not having a policy regarding decorations. Because a policy wasn't in place it would just appear that they put up trees and decorated them in the month of December without giving it much thought...just like normal people.

3. The Christmas Tree is not a religious symbol but the Menorah is.

4. The Rabbi regrets threatening a lawsuit but wonders openly why it took the possibility of a lawsuit to get the attention of the Port of Seattle. I wonder this too.

5. It's funny that outspoken non-Christians are hung up about the Christmas tree while at the same time many Christians I know feel that the secularized celebration of Christmas is distracting from the true religious components of the holiday. They even have a slogan: "Remember the Reason for the Season."

6. Christmas is more of a cultural holiday than anything else. I don't know any non-Jews that celebrate Hannakah, but I know scores of non-Christians who celebrate Christmas and have a Christmas tree.

7. Christmas is a national holiday.

I'm done with the facts for now. I think the Port of Seattle did the right thing. It took this extreme act to show just how dumb this had all become. In Seattle we're used to this type of thing going on all the time but the outcome usually never ends the way anyone wants it. Not this time however, the trees are going back up and with the blessing of the Rabbi. I'd like to think this is a sign that we totally haven't lost our minds.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

This is how Democrats can win the White House

Governor Bill Richardson just opted in for a White House run. I stand by what I'm about to say: If you nominate him, he wins.

If he is your nominee the GOP stranglehold on the south becomes weakened and he will win throughout the industrial midwest. There will be no nail biting on election night and wondering about how certain votes didn't count because it won't matter. If Bill Richardson is your nominee he will win the White House outright.

The problem is that he will not win a nomination from your party because you will nominate someone who has a long enough public record to be properly Swift Boated.

I wish my own state could have a good governor and sadly it hasn't had one in my lifetime. New Mexico has had two great governors in the last decade with Richarson and former Governor Gary Johnson.

I don't have a formula for how the GOP could win the White House right now. If I see one I'll probably post it.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Big Breasted Women

Before I get to the part about big breasted women let me start by saying that regarding the 2006 election: You're all so dumb.

You all want the troops out of Iraq as do I but you voted for a party that won't do it. I'm here to tell you that the troops will not be leaving Iraq and it's actually quite possible that more will be deployed there. That is reason number one why you're all dumb.

Reason number two is that I kept telling you that neither party would address the problem of monetary policy in this nation and now yesterday it was reported that the American Dollar is at its weakest point in decades. Do you hear anybody in Congress or any of your newly elected chumps even talking about this?

As I type this the money in your wallets and bank accounts is becoming increasingly worthless because our government has to print more and more of it to pay for boondoggles, failed social programs, mismanaged wars, No Child Left Behind, and bridges to nowhere.

Only our policy of selling off our surplus Federal Reserve Dollars to countries like China who voluntarily devalue their own currency for trade favors with us has kept our worthless currency's head above water.

Our only hope right now is that the two parties in a divided government will not get along to the point where gridlock slows the spending.

As for Big Breasted Women? -- Yeah, they're really great. I had to give this post an intriguing title because there is no better way to get people to head to another site than to talk about monetary policies.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 for something personal

Sometimes when you blog you need to get personal. Even on a blog that is primarily about public policy and libertine thought. Most often people are more interested in reading about something personal...this blog will be as personal as it gets.

Since the age of 18 I've suffered from kidney stones. There has been a great deal of speculation as to why but I've never been able to fully shake it. I've been hospitalized once for them and have spent at least two other times in an emergency room because of them.

This last Sunday I got out of bed and felt a burning sensation in my bladder area. If you've ever had a bladder infection then you know what this feels like. If you haven't I'll do my best to explain it. Here it goes:

Imagine having to pee really bad...but instead of pee in your bladder it's a mixture of battery acid, snake venom and some hot magma from an exotic Hawaiian volcano. You respond to the sensation the way you always do by heading to the toilet for a session of "going number one" only you pee and find that it produced very little. You're quite certain that your bladder is empty but the sensation to pee has not gone away. Basically you feel like you're holding it all the time.

A good home remedy that produces good results is Cranberry juice. I go get a gallon of it and starting drinking glasses of it. I can't usually drink it straight so I cut it down with water. After an hour I feel like I really have to pee so I do and now the toilet water has a blush tint. Here's a urinary fun fact: If you're urine has any tint of red or pink in it then it means you're peeing blood. This explains the discomfort from the acid/venom/magma mixture I described in the last paragraph.

After a night where I woke up every half-hour to pee (but didn't really need to) I made an appointment to see my doctor the next day. I peed in a cup and after an analysis they discovered that it was just blood and no infection. This is good news...well relatively good news because I'm still peeing blood.

Since I have a history of kidney stones we both know how to tackle this. I'll take pain medicine and drink plenty of water. If the pain is managed then the stone can proceed. I have another sleepless night with less pain but frequent trips to the bathroom. Then morning came.

I got up and made what I thought was a real trip to the bathroom and when I began to pee nothing happened. This was different though because I could tell something actually needed to happen only it didn't. This told me that the pain medicine did in fact help the stone move along, though it had now moved to an area obstructing the flow of urine. This is progress though it presents a brand new and potentially dangerous problem.

I had to figure out a way to get this stone dislodged before the backup of urine became too much. The last thing you'd want to happen is to cause your bladder to rupture; that could cause toxic shock and may be fatal. I figured I had plenty of time because it didn't feel full.

The first thing I had to figure out was if I could pass any urine at all. With some muscle control and a tiny bit of straining I could produce a small two second stream at a time. At this rate I could empty my bladder in about 45 minutes. I also need to mention that in the 20 seconds it took to produce two seconds of flow I'm in a great deal of pain.

I spent some time thinking about how to fix it and came up with something I figured would work. I needed to get equal pressure around the stone. I need more than a back flow behind the stone I also needed to use whatever urine passed the stone to help dislodge it. Try to follow me on this...I had to get urine past the stone but not out of the uh...body. Basically I had to plug it off. Once I was sure I had close to equal pressure on both side of the stone I clenched a muscle that started the flow in another direction back toward the bladder. I knew it worked because I could feel it moving. I also felt it enough to have tears in my eyes. After unplugging the end I could control (standing over the toilet) it flowed out though stopped after about 3 was stuck again only now nothing was coming out at all. This was bad news.

Now I could feel every bit of pressure behind the obstruction. I figured I had about an hour to decide what to do at this point. Keep trying to get it loose or go to the emergency room and have them push it back into my bladder with a catheter. Since I wanted the catheter to be a last ditch attempt I decided to keep at it.

I took a ten minute break because I was in so much pain I couldn't stand it. I knew the last thing I could try was just letting the pressure build up behind it as much as I could stand it and just give it a strain. Not a finesse way of handling it but the only maneuver I had left in my bag of tricks.

I stood over the toilet and concentrated. The pressure built up and built up until the burning was as intense as I could take it. I strained. I felt a sensation in me that I can't describe adequately. Like the focal point of straining was going to cause a problem with a special part of my body. It hurt so much that it felt like if I strained much longer I'd have a blowout similar to what happens when you leave a hot dog in the microwave too long. Blammo.

At this point the stone shot loose and I peed like I had never peed before. I felt relief and pain all at the same time. The good news is that it just looked like urine, no blood.

When I was done I was a bit dizzy and had a raging headache from the stress and straining. It still stings now as I type this even though I'm about eight hours removed from the experience.

I really feel like I dodged a bullet on this one. I'm sure the policies of the Bush administration are responsible somehow. That will be my next post.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Macy's Parade

The televised broadcast of this parade is complete rubbish.

NBC uses it as an opportunity to talk to celebrities in all of their TV shows while the floats you want to see are passing by in the background.

The worst part of this production was enough to make you want to trade places with an unfortunate prisoner in Abu Ghraib. Casts from different Broadway shows stopped in front of the Macy's store and lip-synced a scene from the show. I haven't sat in my livingroom and yelled at the TV so much since the Kerry/Bush debates.

This parade used to be a highlight of the holiday season. Now instead NBC has turned it into a long commercial for their shoddy primetime lineups.

Does anyone know why the Macy's logo looks like it belongs on an old Communist Party poster? Maybe their parade should be on May 1st instead. Now I know why the parade sucked, because they're all a bunch of Commies.

I have plans with family today. Here's hoping I don't repeat last year's episode with explosive diarrhea. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Good Bye Milton Friedman

Libertarians have lost another great man this year. (Harry Browne passed on months ago) Milton Friedman was one of those guys who made so much sense that every president had him to the White House to sing his praises then turned out to be too chicken to follow his advice. Friedman is known for coining the phrase There's no such thing as a free lunch.

In tribute to Friedman I'll offer one of my favorites of his quotes:

"Nobody spends somebody else's money as carefully as he spends his own. Nobody uses somebody else's resources as carefully as he uses his own. So if you want efficiency and effectiveness, if you want knowledge to be properly utilized, you have to do it through the means of private property."

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Medicated Blog Post #3

It's that time of year again where I have a cold and my head is in a cloud. I try to stay away from the blog so you all won't get sick too but sometimes I just can't resist. I only have disconnected thoughts now so you'll get my A-game analysis of current events brought to you by Sudafed.

1. Barak Obama has an unfortunate sounding name that will probably plague him. Too close to Osama. His name may as well be Rudolph Shitler.

2. My brother has had his Christmas tree up for a week already. Geez.

3. I had 40 Trick or Treaters this year. The most popular costume was a Pirate.

4. I forgot to shave this morning and now it's really starting to bug me.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Post Election Summary

The Democrat Party is poised to win both the Senate (still close) and the House of Representatives as I sit here typing this on the morning after the election.

The impact that this is going to make in the long run is still the reason why I don't vote for either of these parties. Below I'll list some major issues and I'll let you decide whether the change in party power structure will make a difference.

Monetary Policy
Trade Deficit
War in Iraq
Imminent Domain Abuse

I'm here to tell you that the only thing that will impact me is that when I go to visit my useless House Representative (Jay Inslee) he'll probably be in a bigger office. When I go I'll still be in the role of teacher when it comes to explaining the role of a Constitutionally restrained Federal Government. Then I'll return to my bunker and stock provisions like all good lovers of freedom.

My next project is to concentrate on my book and watch college basketball.

Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm slick with the ladies

Thoughout my childhood I was plagued with a nervous stomach. Anything exciting or out of the ordinary in life would put butterflies in my stomach. I can look back at some of the best days of my childhood and remember how those great feelings were also met with feeling of nausea.

I used to think I was cursed and that I would only be able to handle the mundane and routine. Going to a friend's house to spend the night or going camping during summer vacation always meant a thrilling time and the possibility of vomiting. My nervous stomach carried with me into my teenage years.

At 16 I was going on a 3-day camping trip with a church youth group. The week before the trip I had met a girl named Jennifer. She said she felt bad that she couldn't go on the camping trip because her boyfriend's birthday fell on that very weekend. Jennifer was an attractive girl but talked too much for my liking. Beyond talking too much in general she talked entirely too much to me.

The afternoon we gathered for the camping trip I was surprised to see Jennifer show up. I didn't ask why the sudden change in schedule because I figured she'd eventually tell me.

It was going to be a tight fit as far as car seating was concerned. By today's standards this was going to be unsafe but in the mid 1980's this was just something you dealt with. Looking back I have to make sure in my mind that it all happened the way I remember because it seems so unlikely. I had picked out the backseat section of my friend's car and my buddies Jeff and Brian sat back there with me. In the passenger bucket seat sat my friend Tom and his girlfriend Amy. This left enough room for the driver only but one more person wanted in the car. There was room in the cargo section in the back but she didn't want to sit there. Jennifer would be the extra person in our car. I offered to sit in the cargo area and be a bit cramped but instead she offered to sit on my lap. So there we were, seven of us in a compact car.

The back window by me wasn't the kind that rolled down. Instead of rolling down it had a lever that allowed it to open outward a couple of inches to provide ventilation. This was important because not only were we cramped but it was also kind of warm. Jennifer put her arm around my neck and for the most part we sat comfortably.

Midway through our trip Jennifer whispers a revelation. "I came on this trip because I wanted to be with you." I couldn't believe my ears. This may seem weird as everyone reading this has probably already figured out that she liked me but it was not so obvious to me. I pretty much have never been able to tell when a girl likes me. Even as she is sitting on my lap with her arm around me telling me that she changed her plans with her boyfriend because she wanted to be with me...I'm still wondering if she might like me. Basically I'm an idiot.

I began wondering what was going on. She likes me? No, she didn't say that. She said she wanted to be with me. Does that mean she likes me or I'm a likeable person and she wants to be with me like the guys sitting next to me like being with me...but they aren't sitting on my lap. Did she want to sit on my lap or is it because there's no room. Wait, did they hear her say that? Did I hear her say that? She smells so good. She did say that didn't she?

All this thinking got my stomach swirling. The lack of ventilation and the inability to take deep breaths made me worry the curse had emerged. I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself but she began playing with my hair. The nervous excitement actually had my feet and fingers tingling. Sadly though my stomach was tingling too and it's all I could do to focus on staying calm.

We were several miles from reaching our destination and it was already dark outside as the packed car wheeled along in our caravan. I had to find a way to calm down otherwise this will be a disaster. Jennifer didn't know what she was dealing with.

Then Jennifer did something very least it was unexpected to me. She took her right hand and brought it to my face. She placed her thumb upright over my lips and leans in and kissed her thumb against my mouth. It wasn't a kiss, but it was almost a kiss. What was it then? Did she do this because she likes me? (Again, I'm dumb) It was at this moment the butterflies began to take flight.

My buddy Tom then said, "Did you just kiss him?" This got the attention of everyone in the car and she leaned forward and was denying it and saying that she kissed her thumb while everyone was teasing her. The car erupted into a loud discussion.

While she was leaning forward I pressed my face against the window to get some air from the two or three inches it was open. At this point I coughed. The cough began set in motion a string of convulsions I could not stop. In a crowded car with a pretty girl sitting on my lap I began vomiting out the window. After about three good blasts lasting about 20 seconds I was done. I felt so much better but I knew I had probably just ruined the trip for everyone.

I brought my head back forward and Jennifer asked me, "Tell them, did I really kiss you?" I just smiled and everyone in the car laughed and kept talking. I couldn't believe it. With seven people in a compact vehicle, the radio going and people talking and teasing each other I had actually vomited out the back window without a single person noticing. I began chewing on a stick of juicy fruit and enjoyed the rest of the trip as my stomach had begun to settle down.

At this point I didn't care if she liked me, I was just thankful I didn't make things any worse.

So did she like me and how was the camping trip? That's for another post someday.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Fake Phone Polls - corrupt politics

I posted a couple of weeks ago about phoney mail questionnaires that are really just fundraising letters that the GOP sends me from time to time. (I've received one from the Democrats as well two years ago which is funny because they got my address after I ordered something off of the PBS website) I've included an audio clip from a fake phone poll a GOP candidate is using in Texas in a race for congress.

Click here for audio.

Here's the story on this:

Tom Delay isn't running for Congress because he has been indicted for being what probably everyone in America thinks he is...a corrupt establishment politician. In Congressional Disrict 22 in Texas the GOP has no candidate on the ballot but they have endorsed a write-in candidate named Shelley Sekula-Gibbs. (poor choice to select a write in candidate with a difficult to spell hyphenated name but oh well)

Shelley is understandably behind in real polls so she has started her own poll to release to the press. In the above conversation they are simply communicating to voters that their only choice is to run Nick Lampson the Democrat against Sekoula-Gibbs but there is a small problem with the poll...that problem is named Bob Smither.

Bob Smither the Libertarian is not only on the ballot (as Sekula-Gibbs is not) but is leading in REAL polls because the rather conservative district has mostly felt that they would rather keep a Democrat out of office than support a write-in candidacy that probably hasn't much of a chance. Honestly this is the LP's best chance to elect a congressman in years.

This is a funny situation for Libertarians having a major party candidate possibly siphoning off votes from Smither but no one in the LP camp is complaining.

What DOES have many annoyed is this dishonest push polling attempt to make people believe that there are different names appearing on the ballot than actually are and doing it under the disguise of a research company. The audio above captures the lie.

I'd like to see some responses from some loyal GOP members who frequent this blog and tell me what you think.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Left Leaning Libertarians

I got a few emails from people asking about my view of Bruce Guthrie's performance in the campaign for US Senator in the state of Washington. Some were bothered by what was described as "the most left-wing candidate on the stage was Guthrie..."

The Libertarian Party is without a doubt the most diverse active party in the country. It has been strategized (especially in Washington state) that there probably are not many more Republican voters willing to vote for Libertarians. In the last couple of election cycles Libertarians in this state have begun promoting issues normally seen as left-wing or liberal. This has annoyed many that originally looked to Libertarians as an alternative to Republicans.

The matter is that most Republicans are not upset about deficit spending. Most Republicans think the Bush tax cuts are meaningful. For a Libertarian to stand up on a state-wide podium and lecture the state like Milton Friedman is a mistake and a recipe to get 1% of the vote. It's important for both Republicans and Democrats to understand that freedom must be given to all before it can be realized for yourself. There needs to be a new respect for our constitution and ALL of the Bill of Rights.

Votes will be necessary for the LP to regain major party status in Washington State. I don't apologize for Bruce Guthrie's left of center positioning. His Libertarian credentials are solid and he has my respect, my support, and my vote.

Wanna see the debate?
Go Here!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Immigration and Motorcycles

Thanks to the national immigration debate I've gained a new understanding in my personal life.

I've never had a motorcycle endorsement on my driver's license. The Motorcycle Safety classes fill up pretty fast and you usually have to sign up for them months in advance. But since I've already been riding for several years (by several I mean since Ronald Reagan was president) I just end up putting it off. I have very truthfully ridden thousands of miles without an endorsement. In fact this very summer I commuted to work almost exclusively on my motorcycle.

But I do not ride my motorcycle illegally simply because I don't have an endorsement. I'm simply an undocumented motorcyclist. Viva las Ratas!

Note: I do plan to get the endorsement and take the safety class...probably this winter when the waiting list shrinks some.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

Although I'm not a particularly superstitious person Friday the 13th has always sort of been interesting to me. When I was younger and traveled with my father I noticed that none of the crappy motels we stayed in had a room 13. I thought there must be something to it if even motels stayed away from the number. Later on in football I wore the number 13.

My first observation of someone being unlucky on Friday the 13th was in 3rd grade. A girl in my class named Stacy (who by the way was at my 20th high school reunion just last weekend) wore white pants. While she was carrying a jar of paint across the room to her desk she slipped and fell on a wet spot on the floor and dumped the blue pain all over her white pants. Everyone blamed Friday the 13th for the accident but I felt bad for her. (yes, sometimes I do have empathy)

I never got new clothes. If I had dumped paint on my pants at school I would've had my ass kicked at home. Her family was wealthier than mine so I'm sure it was no big deal at all.

On a side note: I've never liked Stacy and look back at the incident with the paint with a measure of happiness. I'm a jerk.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Mail Update

The GOP sent me some mail this week. It was one of those questionnaire fundraising letters.

On a side note I should mention that if a political party sends you a questionnaire and acts like they want to know your opinion they are lying. They send the questionnaire because they know that you have opinions because they've put you on a mailing list of people who are politically active. So at the end of the questionaire they say that they need you to send in a donation to cover the cost of processing your questionnaire. Once they've filled out a deposit slip and processed your check they go ahead and begin processing your questionaire. I've taken the liberty of illustrating of how this process works below.

Anyway they addressed it to Ms. Tracy Green. If they're not going to offer me free women's underwear then I'm afraid I don't have any use for the GOP.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Free Panty

One of the cool things about being a guy and having a name that is also used by women is that sometimes your mail can be interesting.

Victoria's Secret sent a coupon offer to me for one free panty.

I'm still debating whether I should head to the mall and get one. I don't know if I can go in there and with a straight face say, "I'm here for my panty."

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I know that both the left and whacko right are represented by poster on this blog. I need input from you on all sides of this issue.

I don't expect necessarily any of you to agree with my position on ending the prohibition on 'controlled substances' but can there be any reasonable middle ground.

Let me submit a recent example covered by Reuters

ATLANTA (Reuters) - A U.S. woman held in jail for seven months longer than her original sentence because she was too poor to pay a $705 fine was freed on Wednesday, her attorney said.

Ora Lee Hurley was ordered to pay the fine and sentenced in August 2005 to 120 days in jail after she was convicted in Georgia of possession of cocaine for personal use and breaking the terms of probation for a similar offense 15 years before.

Can someone please tell me why any amount of jail time is reasonable for someone convicted of having a controlled substance for personal use.

I don't want to make this discussion about drug legalization because sadly that's not a reality in this country. Instead from both left and right, please tell me what the role of government force should be for someone like Ora Lee Hurley.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Constitution

On September 17, 1787 the Constitution became the law of our land. Its purpose was to enumerate the powers of the federal government in hopes of limiting its size and scope on the citizenry while protecting each state equally.

In my powder room (a fancy name for a half-bath) I have a framed copy of the Constitution above my toilet. Here are the jokes I submit my house guests to when they use my bathroom:

"If you look closely the preamble reads: We We the People."

"That's where I have my daily constitution."

"If you're a Republican or Democrat please use the toilet paper provided and not wipe your butt with the constitution."

I'm pretty proud of my bathroom because it looks pretty cool. It is the only finished room in the whole house.

Happy Birthday Constitution...sorry I didn't get you anything.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Some updates

My profile describes me as a libertarian with two cats. I'd like to take a moment to correct this description. I'm still a libertarian but now I have one cat.

My grey cat Grizzie was tragically killed by a Coyote in the greenbelt behind my house. This is the same greenbelt that caught my fall from the retaining wall in the previous post. My other cat Chesty doesn't seem to miss Grizzy one bit as he never really liked her. His peeing in the kitchen seemed to stop for awhile though he did crap on the floor of my upstairs loft last who knows.

On the subject of my back I'd like to update everyone and announce that I'm able to stand up straight now but it's very painful if I've been sitting for more than an hour.

The trade deficit was at its highest for last month primarily because of oil. Remember that it is THIS deficit which actually impacts our overall federal receipts, not your income tax. If this deficit continues you could NEVER be taxed enough to balance the budget...remember that.

I got my ballot in the mail for the primary elections and some judges. I resent having my taxes pay for the primary elections of two parties I don't belong to. Libertarians handle their primaries using conventions. We don't ask others to pay the cost of us deciding who OUR candidate should be. I didn't care that much about the judges so I threw the ballot away. (after shredding it so Grump won't snatch it out of my trash and vote for some Communist judge)

Also, I can't wait until George W. Bush is no longer our president. Now that's an update.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

If I was a dinosaur...

...I'd be a Mybackisaurus.

Walking on my backyard retaining wall I maneuvered around my deck (which I've done dozens of times). To steady myself I held onto one of the vertical rails only this time the rail I used for support came off in my hand.

I fell backwards about 5 feet down and landed on my back. Don't be alarmed though, my fall was cushioned by blackberry bushes.

My back now feels like I carried Oprah up twenty flights of stairs then set her down only to put on a shirt that had five fighting cats in it.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Seattle Liberals

I was told from another reader that a person who read this blog didn't find my last post that entertaining as he doesn't like "Bush Supporters."

You see this genius is a Seattle liberal so when he saw that I wrote about having "an opposing view" it simply would occur to him that I must be a Republican and therefore a Bush supporter.

It's barely worth wasting any breath to Seattle libs about it but I like educating people around the country about what the average Seattle Democrat is like. It didn't used to be like this...hell Scoop Jackson was from this state but you can't find any Democrats now that even knows who Scoop was...or they think he was a Republican. (Since he's the godfather of the Neo-Cons he sorta was...but anyway)

So genius, I'm not a Bush supporter, I'm not a Republican and I'm not a conservative but I STILL think you Seattle liberals are morons. I know you probably think a Libertarian is the lady that helps you find copies of the Communist Manifesto at the King County Library but you'd be wrong...but being wrong is a full-time job for you.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Salesmen and stupid dinner party conversation

I was recently at a dinner party. I'm not much of the dinner party type to be quite honest but I like most of the people who were attending this function. I can be known to enjoy conversation although I'm more of a listener than anyone who can be confused as the life of the party.

At this dinner party was a salesman. I can always tell when someone is in sales before they mention what they do because they ask lots of questions and don't listen to a single one of your answers. This guy (I'll call him Justin) asked me what I did for a living three times and never really listened to a word I said. Salesmen like "Justin" annoy me and I can't resist the temptation to screw with them.

I mentioned that I had sold my car recently and in a predictable response he said, "So you sell cars, that's great!" Now keep in mind that I told him what I actually do for a living and never ever once did I say I sold cars. But instead of correcting him and telling him yet again I just decided to play along.

First he tells me "I have great respect for people who sell cars." Now if you know any sales people you know this is code. This means that he thinks that selling cars isn't worthy of respect and ranks down near selling DVD players and washing machines. So basically he's pretending to show me respect for a line of work I don't even do. I pretended to be flattered by his admission of respect for what he thinks I do for a living (again because he's an idiot) and I begin to tell him the secrets of selling cars. He listens and asks tons of questions. Everyone else at the table knows I don't sell cars. Everyone else at the table works with this salesman and every minute that passes by while I spout off bullshit about a job I know nothing about emphasizes that this guy is a complete tool. In other words I'm in my element.

Then "Justin" starts talking about current affairs. He basically knows nothing except to bash the Bush administration like anyone who lives in Seattle. But instead of defending Bush I suggest that his so-called solution for stem-cell research is flawed because it defies the laws of economics and personal incentive. He then says, "...well we shouldn't talk about politics in mixed company." and then proceeds to leave the table. This is typical of Seattle liberals when confronted with the radical notion of something known as "an opposing view."

I have since offered my help to him in getting a good deal on a car if and when he is interested...since I'm an insider in his tiny mind.

I think I may tell him to use a 'code phrase' with the salesman to get an insider deal...something like "I'd like you to slip me into something with leather." I'll add that to seal the deal he has to offer the code phrase with a knowing wink. At that point I hope he finds the kind of deal he deserves.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Our solar system just became less accepting

The Bush Administration has once again let the 'little guy' down by their dangerous and reckless policies. Now a planet in our solar system is the latest victim of so-called "Compassionate Conservatism."

Pluto, whose only crime is being the smallest planet in our solar system, is now on the outside looking in as the exclusive club of 'planets' just became smaller.

I guess if this type of thing continues to happen to small plants that are far away then which soon-to-be-former planet will be next? If we can't send a probe to Uranus then I guess we just tell them to find another solar system? This policy must stop now.

Yes, I realize I said "send a probe to Uranus." Snicker.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Things that are fun to believe...but probably aren't true.

These things are fun to believe in:

That the lunar landing was faked.

That someone not named Oswald killed JFK.

That Democrats actually care about minorities and working people.

That Republicans really care about the deficit.

That the Federal Reserve is a corrupt secret society of private bankers.

That Condi and Dubya are getting it on.

That John Kerry's skin is naturally orange.

That Jimmy Page (former Led Zep guitarist) isn't an evil mastermind behind all celebrity deaths.

That listening to Joe Satriani is cool.

That most of you know who Jimmy Page and Joe Satriani are.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Most of you who will read this will not have any idea what I'm talking about. Grump however shares my love for 60's Psychadelic Rock so he'll appreciate my description of my weekend as I take a break from telling you how worthless Republicans are.

I saw a reunion concert of the 60's band People!. No, I'm not shouting they actually had an exclamation point in their name. Their only big hit came the year I was born and was a song originally performed by the Zombies. I never really liked the song however they had alot of other great songs.

The best part about the group is that they are a group that makes up the subtext of the era. Everyone knows the big names, but instead it's bands like Love, Moby Grape, and People! that describe the time more fully. I always love the band that becomes the footnote in any music genre discussion because they are generally the honest influence behind the chart toppers. These are the bands that changed the culture but didn't make nearly as much money.

I'd also like to add that I blame George W. Bush for the break-up of People! in the late 60's.

I'm going to sharing some new information about my upcoming and long overdue book...look for it.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Bruce Guthrie

Bruce Guthrie is running for US Senate for the State of Washington against incumbent Maria Cantwell.

His website is here.

Bruce is the only candidate in the race that is:

For bringing home the troops from Iraq.
Reducing troops permanently stationed abroad.
For marriage equality.

(To conservatives out there I'm not sure his position on whether a human can marry their dog but stay tuned for updates on his site)
For eliminating budget deficits

Maria Cantwell's campaign called me the other evening at home and asked if they could count on my support again. Funny, since I've never voted for her in my life and routinely call her "Maria Can't Vote Well" She was also an executive at Real Networks and I've always hated Real Player.

Anyway, visit Bruce's site and get to know him

Message to the FEC:

I don't work for Bruce's campaign nor is my post any type of in-kind donation to his campaign or Senator Cantwell's so back off.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Republicans Deserve to lose in '06

I'm actively discouraging everyone I know from voting for any Republicans on the Federal Level in 2006. I believe that the best thing we can do for this country is have some good old fashioned gridlock.

Since so many of you Republicans visit this blog (and I appreciate your presence dearly) please tell me why Republicans deserve another chance. I'm curious what you think...or if you think. (excuse the cheapshot there)

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Minimum Wage

It's the same discussion that comes up every few years...what to do about the Federal Minimum Wage.

Many Democrats push the old argument that if you're against raising it then you're against the working poor and don't want to give a livable wage to a single woman who waits tables to feed her four kids. Her kids are already mal-nourished because you're the same person who wants to cut their free food program at school...oh and you poison their water also.

If you're for the minimum wage then you're compassionate and loving and one with the universe but you think it's compassionate to mandate that people live on a slightly higher (yes still unlivable) wage.

How high should the minimum wage be? I know how much it costs to live these days...maybe it should be $15 dollars an hour. Why should anyone in America have to work for less than 30k a year? After all, the mother with four kids is not going to be able to give her children any kind of life on less than 30k a year. But 30k a year isn't really that much and it certainly doesn't make up for what should be a 2nd income that a spouse would provide. Why not have the minimum wage also make up for the salary inequity that results from her being a woman. Her earning potential is less so really her annual salary based on a truly compassionate minimum wage should be $50,000.

But what do I know? I'm just a heartless libertarian that doesn't want to help anyone who is on the bottom rung. After all I grew up in a relatively stable family, a good house with indoor plumbing, had middle-income parents and unfairly had life opportunities that gave me advantage in life that poor people couldn't possibly know without a compassionate and fair minimum wage.

Except that I'm a libertarian, nothing in the previous paragraph is true.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Blame on both sides?

Lately I heard a commentator on a news station say, "There's enough blame on both sides to go around." concerning the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah.

Are you kidding me? How can you say that with a straight face?

An armed militant group is attacking a neighboring sovereign country by launching rockets across the border and the country on the receiving end of the rockets is supposed to take it for the sake of peace?

Lebanon says they can't control Hezbollah and therefore admits that they are not a sovereign nation in control of what happens inside their own borders. If Lebanon is not going to put a stop to Hezbollah attacking their neighbors then they don't deserve peace.

When Israel responds to attacks and blows up a rocket launching point is always seems to kill innocent people...typically because Hezbollah launches their rockets from suburban neighborhoods, hospitals and schools.

If Lebanon needs help controlling their borders then they should ask for it...if they just look the other way when militants attack Israel from Lebanese neighborhoods then they should not act surprised when Israel takes out the trash.

I'd also like to mention that the Seattle Mariners are 3 1/2 games out of first place in the American League West and at the same time in last place. It's cool to be in a terrible division.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Low Hanging Fruit Department

Lance Bass, band member of 'N Sync says he's gay and in a 'very stable' relationship with a reality show star.

I must have gaydar because I've been saying 'N Sync is gay for a long time.

(badooom tshhhh)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Bush finally learns to spell VETO

Without a doubt George W. Bush is the WORST president in my lifetime. I never thought anyone would top LBJ but Dubya has managed to do it. This proves that Texas should never be allowed to run anyone for president ever again. I realize fully that would also exclude Ron Paul from another candidacy but I would probably gather a scientific team to clone Congressman Paul and move his clone to another state. Then I would support a Ron Paul's Clone for President campaign in the future...but anyway.....

With the absolute rubbish that has been signed into law including unprecedented spending it amazes me that on the subject of Stem Cell research he has finally found the peaches to veto a bill...a bill that will probably see an override.

I won't blame Republicans for this...while 52% of you voted for Bush out there...several other millions voted for Kerry or even worse...Gore. Shame on all of you for giving this country the electoral equivalence to Dumb and Dumber.

In the last 16 years the Whitehouse has been filled with disappointing figures. I can hardly wait to see which chump most of you out there elect in 2008 thinking very much will change.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I've posted an update on how my two nieces are doing and a report on the progress that's been made on getting her finances in order.

Click here to see the post on my main website.


Friday, July 14, 2006

Dealing with Victoria's Crap

I've written about this before and have followed this issue for about a decade. You see our progressive and environmentally conscious neighbors to the north use our shared waterway as a sewage treatment area for their capital city of British Columbia.

From the Oregonian:

"Dumping raw sewage into the Strait of Juan de Fuca is no longer a good long-range strategy for the British Columbia capital, an independent scientific panel has concluded."

So basically an independent scientific study says that Victoria, British Columbia (Population 74,100) should probably begin looking for another solution to dumping their sewage than that of letting is just spill off into open waters. What is their response?

Also from the Oregonian:

"We know that there are some who would like us to make a decision immediately," Victoria Mayor Alan Lowe said in a statement released as the regional board met behind closed doors.

"While I understand those concerns, it is important that we look at all facets of the sewage issue," Lowe said. "Only then will we be in a position to make an informed decision."

Our progressive and environmentally superior neighbors would like to make an informed decision about whether it's really okay to dump their crap into a waterway strait that both of our nations use.

Oh Canada, please treat your sewage like other first world nations...that is if you can make time when you're not patting yourself on the back for being so environmentally superior to your hillbilly southern neighbors.

Monday, July 10, 2006

North Korea

Wanna know why one coutry spreads rumors about having WMD's and gets invaded, while another boasts that they have WMD's and can prove it and then tests delivery systems and hardly gets any consideration by our government?

For all you leftists out there that immediately screamed, "OIL!!!" please sit down and be quiet.

The Korean peninsula is not very big. The North Korean Army outnumbers the South Korean army by a factor of 10:1. The city of Seoul is within artillery range of North Korea. Basically the South Koreans are sitting ducks. Only our military intervention would eventually liberate the southern part of the peninsula, but would never prevent a successful invasion.

Not much has changed since 1950.

I do hope the Seattle Rainiers win the pennant again this year.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hamas (part 2)

When Hamas won the elections in Palestine I wrote that they would eventually lighten up their rhetoric against Israel...and they did. They were only a week ago ready to forge documents that actually recognized Israel's right to exist. Hardly anyone believes that they were actually sincere, but this is still the first step in diplomacy. For the words 'diplomacy' and 'Hamas' to be used in the same sentence is still a step forward.

Now militants have captured an Israeli soldier and will let him return to his homeland alive if the Israelis let go 1000 Palestinian prisoners. This was an opportunity for Hamas to shine in the eyes of the world. They could have and should have turned up ever stone to find this soldier and return him to Israel. If they had done this they would established themselves as a Government that respects the rule of law and would have bolstered their position to negotiate for the release of these same Palestinian prisoners.

Instead they hemmed and hawed and provided no real assistance and as a result they have tanks lined up on their Gaza border and will probably be invaded soon.

Hamas did lighten up. Their willingness to have diplomacy with Israel angered loosely connected militants and now their hands are tied. Instead of using their power to restore order they began to make speeches that sounded more like the militants themselves. Hopefully in the coming years Hamas will not just lighten up, but also smarten up.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Happy Independence Day

This is my favorite holiday without a doubt. I celebrate this day with all the gusto I can muster and I'm not the least bit sorry for it. I'm so excited for this day I can't stand it.

I'm going to a kid's parade in the morning and then the 'grand' parade my town has. After the grand parade I'm going to a revolutionary war reenactment and watch redcoats and minutemen shoot at each other...I hope we win this year.

After that my family is coming to my house and we're gonna stuff ourselves with food and pretend to like each other until it gets dark...then we'll go see a fireworks show. If I had more land I'd explode stuff myself...maybe in a year or two.

I enjoy the story of this country and the miracle of its founding. It's a story I never grow tired of hearing. The principles of liberty are so core to our culture...even among conservatives and liberals. I love my country and I'm proud to be a citizen of the United States.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Schizo Society

A social observation that simply needs to be made.

I've sat and watched over a period of nearly a couple of years as young people have experienced the early demise of friends through the irresponsible use of drugs and alcohol and the whole party lifestyle.

I've followed closely in particular those who consider themselves to be close to my niece's husband who was the victim of a hit and run where the driver was under at least some influence of alcohol and on his way to score some meth for his exciting sleepless weekend. So many close to the situation resented the driver for the heinous crime that he committed, leaving a man for dead on the side of the road.

What has floored me is that these same people who resent this man so much would've probably found themselves in the same circle, or at the same parties if only he hadn't killed their friend. I've looked at their myspace accounts and read in the weeks that followed Jon's death their discussions about their way cool, out of control, party lifestyle.

So Schizo are these people that they cry and curse the driver for being such a POS, and then only a day following an emotional and heartwrenching memorial tribute to their friend they talk about being under the influence of the same substances as the driver...the man they now hate.

The words of King Solomon reflect what these people are all about:

"Like a dog that returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly."

I believe it is me that truly needs to accept the fact that my life's mission is to help people and sometimes it involves helping dumbasses.

Back to more Bush bashing soon, I promise.

Many Thanks

Thanks to everyone for kind letters, emails, and cards during the past couple of weeks. I'm very humbled by the generosity that many of you have shown to my two nieces. They have expressed many heartfelt moments opening envelopes with kind words of encouragement and financial gifts.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A call for help

I apologize for using the blog to draw your attention to something else but my family has had a tough week as a result of a tragedy. If you'd like more information about the possibility of helping two deserving people then please head over to my main site I use to promote my book.

Thank you,

Straw Poll '08

Get out your straws. Tell me who you would support if they announced their candidacy right now. Only restrictions are that they must be eligible for the presidency and be currently alive. Normally a person has to be alive to be a candidate but I'm reasonably sure that Gerald Ford was a robot.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ann Coulter

I had a request to blog about Ann (you know who you are) because she just released another book and she was just criticized heavily by Hilary Clinton who is the smartest woman on the face of the earth except for Washington Governor Christine Gregoire.

I haven't read Ann's book nor have I read any of her books. I have however heard her in several interviews on different websites and she is never and I mean never shy about backing up something she writes. In fact she usually takes her words and makes them more harsh.

First of all, I find Ann Coulter's attitude funny. She is an iconoclast not a politician. (I also find Al Franken funny) It's a politician's job to be diplomatic and attempt to make everyone happy by using double-talk and BS. The job of an iconoclast is to challenge what are commonly held perceptions from a contrary point of view. She's good at it and besides she's trying to sell books. Personally, I relate to her attitudes because I also love seeing icons torn down, but I won't defend her. She can defend herself.

What about the wives of the 9/11 victims that she has been criticizing?

It's the role of an iconoclast to say unpleasant things sometimes. Most of the victims have struggled to go on with their lives, but others have attempted to become public figures using the leverage of their victim status. I refuse to accept that once these people become public figures they are 'untouchable' because they're also high-profile victims. If being an activist is your way of grieving then I'm sorry; you've chosen a terrible way to grieve that will never really help you to heal.

It's like how Grump has told me several times that a Vietnam Vet can win any argument about Nam simply by saying, "...but you weren't there." End of story; Vet wins argument by default.

People like Ann Coulter and Al Franken are important to have around. They make it okay to talk about things we'd normally feel uneasy, I like Ann's hair.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

No bill of rights for pharmacists

In Washington State there is a great deal of discussion about Pharmacists who may refuse to dispense birth control or 'morning after' pills based upon moral or religious grounds.

The Governor of our state has said repeatedly that pharmacists should be required by law to dispense medicine that is legally prescribed.

Every profession has a provision by where they are not required to perform certain duties based upon conscience. For example some doctors will not perform abortions and many lawyers will not work divorce cases. They can associate or disassociate freely based upon their own decision.

The debate that the pharmacist has is really with the company for which he works. If a drugstore has a policy that the pharmacist disagrees with he can go work somewhere else or even leave the profession completely.

But our governor thinks that they should not have the right to morally object. However, I wonder how she would feel if some pharmacists objected to dispensing a new medicine that say could detect and abort a fetis if it contained the 'gay' gene. Or perhaps some new genetic therapy that 'fixes' the gay gene so that the baby would grow up to be heterosexual.

Again the answer to this problem is something libertarians understand very fundamentally. Citizens should be free to engage or disengage from any business relationship as they see fit. The freedom of association must always stand as a load-bearing pillar of a free society.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hurricanes and the 2nd Amendment

States in the gulf coast have begun a campaign urging self-reliance and preparation to defend themselves against another season of nature's windy onslaught. The citizentry have been told to rely upon themselves and their stockpiled provisions if they do not evacuate the area when they are warned that a storm is coming. Aside from citizens who are immobile for health and age reasons, all able-bodied citizens have been in a sense told that they are left to their own in the event of an emergency.

While the state governments of many states realize they can't come to your personal aid in the event of an emergency, these same states still restrict an able-bodied, and law abiding citizen from keeping a firearm in their homes.

I think once the government has admitted that protecting individual life and property is not the priority of government in any emergency, they've lost the argument to keep you from owning what the 2nd amendment guarantees as a right.

To our politicians this is what the 2nd Amendment means:

To Republicans: The 2nd Amendment guarantees your right to own certain arms, in certain states unless those weapons look military in nature. Even if they are less powerful and useful than say a hunting rifle they'd like to stay on the safe side because a military-looking weapon (even in the hands of a law abiding citizen) is just too much temptation to shoot up an elementary school playground.

To Democrats: The 2nd Amendment guarantees your right to play army one weekend a month and help border patrol agents give water to Mexicans crossing the Arizona desert.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day

Memorial Day brings about many thoughts for me. Number one among them is that it is the first 3-day weekend in the Seattle area where you wish the weather was nice, but it never is. It rained nearly all weekend...again.

Another of my thoughts is drawn to the tremendous sacrifice made by our fighting men and women. I've talked to several people in my life that have experienced combat and I'm always very awestruck as they attempt to explain the unexplainable.

I love this country. I desire for my country to have so many freedoms that if someone dared think they could take them away, they'd experience a fight like they've never seen before. I never want to see a soldier die so that you and I could have 'relative freedom.'

The most fitting tribute to the memory of those who died to protect this country is to do our part at home keep our country free.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Which is worse - Tax Preparation or going to the Dentist?

This poll does a state-by-state breakdown of how they view raising or lowering taxes in terms of how it impacts the economy. The poll does nothing except explore the general perception of taxes.

I think the best part of it is the column that compares tax preparation versus going to the dentist.

Gas Prices

I paid $47 dollars to fuel my car this morning. I realize many of you pay more but you must realize that I drive a humble compact car with a small gas tank. Because I ride my motorcycle as often as possible I fill up my car about every other week.

I had a conversation with a Seattle lefty about the price of gas, and she complained endlessly about 'big oil' and their price gouging. I told her that she should be thankful as I know in the past that she and other Puget Sound Bolsheviks have dreamed of the days where gas prices would be higher so that we would all pile into buses or take the upcoming light rail that goes nowhere. She has just had a baby and doesn't see the practicality of taking the bus at this time. I find it amazing how 'progressives' are experts in how everyone else should live.

She demanded that our government do something about the price of gas. Knowing this is just a trap and the average Seattle-ite knows bumpkus about real life economics I just let her continue. I asked, "What would you have them do?"

It didn't take but a minute to uncover what it is she really wanted. She suggested finally that the price be controlled. I did my best to explain to her that the laws of economics cannot be changed anymore than the laws of gravity.

She said, "Yeah, yeah...the law of supply and demand. I believe that's just an excuse to charge more so they can take in all these outrageous profits."

Unfortunately this country doesn't have a supply and demand problem, it only has a demand problem. Our supply will not grow without more refineries. Everytime we (and other emerging nations) demand more oil, the supply in our country stays the same. Under this arrangement our prices will always go up until we either increase supply or demand far less.

I can't increase the supply of oil in our country so I'm demanding less. I drive less and take my motorcycle anywhere that I can in place of a car.

If the government fixes the price of fuel we will see gas lines and shortages. There won't be any left to even fill up my motorcycle that gets 60+ mpg.

Here's a tip for my Seattle area liberal friends: Wanna get prices lower? Tell your congressman to let oil companies build more refineries and then find a way to use less YOURSELF. Try taking some of the advise you so willingly dish out to others.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bump or Dip?

On a road I take to work everyday there has been some sinking in one of the lanes. I don't know what is causing it but the left side of the lane has been sinking for the last year or so. Finally the DOT put up a sign that read "DIP".

Last week they patched the roadway to remove the dip. The patch job does not exactly make the road surface smooth, in fact it looks like the asphault was dropped from a helicopter. Now instead of a sinking lane you have to drive over this clumpy raised area. Today the DOT replaced the DIP sign with a new sign that reads "BUMP".

Sorry, no libertarian rant about roads. I think government should oversee things that cannot be compartmentalized and roads would fall under that category.

I really preferred the DIP over the BUMP.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Border walls, boredom, and a homeless guy with a lawnmower

Even though our government is spending tons of our hard earned dough, they've decided to take advantage of the extra receipts coming in from the strong economy to build a fence between the United States and Mexico. I don't know anyone who wants to build a fence so this must be one of those jobs that "Americans aren't willing to do." So we'll have to hire illegal immigrants to build the wall.

Our only instructions will be: When you're done building the wall, please be on the other side of it. Thank you.

I think boredom is a modern invention. I may write about how I'm beginning to win the battle against boredom in a future blog.

I came across a new homeless guy approach. The fellow I ran into had a cardboard sign that read, "I need food. Please let me mow your lawn." Resting beside the homeless man was a push lawn mower. He was getting money from lots of people in cars. I don't know if he really was going to mow anyone's lawn but that is a creative prop at least. Good on him.

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Modern Republican Movement

This is a good summary of the modern Republican movement:

"Other than telling us how to live, think, marry, pray, vote, invest, educate our children and, now, die, I think the Republicans have done a fine job of getting government out of our personal lives." -Editorial Page, Sunday, June 19 Portland Oregonian

A tip of the hat to Platinumgirl for bringing this quote to my attention.

Sigh, at least they have Ron Paul.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

My dumb Cat

I went downstairs to feed my cat. While I was grabbing the bag of feed he went upstairs and jumped up on my desk.

I returned upstairs to find him eating some lemon pound cake I had just sliced for myself before realizing he was out of food.

I have to hand it to him; his plan was well-executed. He distracted me by acting hungry and then made a break for my food while I was feeding him.

My cat is a jerk.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Another kind of soft target

Let me 'splain to you a scenario I encountered recently.

A young man turned in his cousin who had several warrants out for his arrest. Because the young man had a job and a fairly predictable schedule, bounty hunters routinely 'hung around' to see if said cousin would show up. Growing tired of being trailed he finally turned his cousin in when he had shown up at the young man's place of business.

The mom of the cousin (the young man's aunt) became enraged as did the cousin's sister (yet another cousin) and expressed their disgust at the young man in their best Jerry Springer Show vernacular.

The next day a calling card from Child Protective Services (CPS) appears on their door. They had come to inspect the home of the young man who lives with his wife and 1 year old daughter. Apparently an anonymous call to CPS initiated the need for an inspector to look for signs of abuse. They called CPS back and told them to come to the house the next possible day.

During that evening the couple called around to find out who would've done this. After only a little investigation it seems all evidence points back to the Aunt and the Sister Cousin. There was word also that the aunt and the cousin intended to have more people (their friends) call anonymously to CPS.

When CPS did their inspection they found the same things I've found whenever I personally have visited their home. A well-fed, cared for, happy, and loved 1 year old girl. The young man and his wife explained what had transpired over the week and explained that more 'anonymous' tips were likely to come.

The CPS inspector said if more tips came in (whether they were false or not) they would have to follow-up on them and eventually demand that the young man and his wife take a drug test. Hearing this the young man and his wife asked where they could take a drug test that very day to get it cleared up. They had the test taken but the problem was still up-in-the-air because follow-up would be necessary if more reports came in.

"Can't something be done about them making false reports?" The young man asked. The CPS inspector explained that they do not require those who make anonymous reports to be accountable so that people are not discouraged from calling if they suspect abuse.

What will happen to the young man and his wife? Maybe something, maybe nothing. But because they are attempting to comply with the law they have become the soft targets of law enforcement. CPS will return to their home and pile up a big long record on them only because they are cooperating with the law.

Wouldn't it be nice if law enforcement focused on the initiation of force, theft AND fraud?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's time for supply-siders to put up or shut up for good

The economy is booming right now. Economic growth is flirting with 5% over this quarter. The Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke (if that's his real name) is likely to raise federal reserve lending rates again. If I'm to believe the heart and soul of supply-side economics then this is the time that our deficits should be disappearing.

I'm not going to argue with anyone about how lower tax rates can increase actual tax receipts. Every serious economist from Friedman to some schlub down at Schwab understands this is true. Hell, play Sim City for awhile and you'll understand it's true...anyway....

But where supply-siders continue to LIE to us is that they're not really interested in reducing the deficits. They only sell that as one of the benefits to lowering tax rates for high wage earners. Because of this they're always being accused of giving tax breaks to their rich buddies. Whether it's really true or not doesn't matter to looks true.

It's time for supply-siders to take this cash that has been bringing in federal receipts hand over fist and start paying down. Don't let it sit around in your precious general fund to be yet again swallowed up by another omnibus package.

Will they do this? Probably not and this is one reason alone that anyone in Washington who claims to be a fiscal conservative is a liar. If you keep sending fiscal conservatives to Washington then be prepared to watch your dollar shrink in your wallet.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Illegal Immigrants Play Hardball

I was ready to deport all illegal immmigrants until I read this sign from a demonstration yesterday.

I think it is clear that they are playing for keeps. I think as a country we really need to ask ourselves: "Can we live without burritos?"

I am one American who does not even want to begin to picture my nation sans burrito.

Viva La Raz!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Michael Badnarik

Michael Badnarik is running for Congress in the 10th District in the state of Texas. He has raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars in his high profile campaign in what will be a 3-way race against both an incumbent Republican and a Democrat.

I'm encouraged whenever I see someone who overcomes odds and has success no matter what obstacles are put in front of them. In my own life I can be derailed so easily when things don't go the way I expect.

The Libertarian Party spends a great deal of money on simply getting ballot access rather than campaigning. Different states have different laws and in many cases once the requirements are fulfilled, lawsuits with the two major parties follow draining an already small supply of funds.

Badnarik came off the momentum he gained from his presidential run in 2004 (that earned about 400,000 votes) and began a run for congress. He already has three billboards up and paid for through the election and more money is rolling in from contributors all over the country. He has outpaced the Democrat for fundraising despite the fact that he doesn't receive money from PACs or from a national party organization.

I'd love to see another Republican ousted from congress and this time replaced with Michael. I don't agree with Badnarik on every issue, though I appreciate anyone who stands up for the law of the land.

Badnarik's website is found here.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hitting a wall

April is my blogging wall. I fought my way through part of it but I realized this happened last year too. My mind is too scattered to throw out anything complete so I'll just throw some tidbits out here and you can just use them for dinner conversation.

The weather has finally cooperated and I did stuff outside last weekend. I love sunny days.

When I ride my motorcycle, young girls smile and young I mean early 20's. If you're a parent of a girl you should let them know that just because someone is riding a motorcycle, that does not mean they're mysterious or hot. It does however mean they are paying less out on gasoline.

Had some emails recently asking me if I've read the Gnostic Gospels and what I thought of the Da Vinci Code. Yes, I've read some of the Gnostic Gospels and have studied first Century Gnosticism. The vote to accept the current canon of writings as scripture was not close as the movie and book state. While a good story, what the book calls 'facts' resemble an Oliver Stone style weaving of historical conspiracy. I personally believe that Jesus shot JFK from the grassy knoll.

I had some money set aside to go on vacation, but I sent it to the IRS instead. If you're currently receiving any federal money (school grants, medicare, etc..) then I hope you're enjoying my money. Maybe next time just ask for it or have the decency to rob it from me directly. That would be refreshing.

I have a buddy in Iraq that I'd like to see come home. Take care Alex.

I've resurrected a short story for my book that will finally bring it to the finished product.

There may be a future podcast. Short, funny, informative...and you'll get to hear how lame my voice is. Not political either...probably something'll be fun I promise.

Monday, April 17, 2006

My Verdict for Zacarias Moussaoui

Zacarias Moussaoui is on trial for being the 19th hijacker. He has fully admitted his role in the plot and has shown no shame or regret for the 9-11 act of terrorism.

Everyone I know has hoped he gets the death penalty for his involvement, though I do not.

No, this isn't some liberatarian principled position on the role of the state when it comes to handing out capital punishment. I think he should be innocent on the grounds that he is insane.

I think we should say to the rest of the world that anyone who thinks like Zacarias Moussaoui is insane. He should be sitting around in endless group therapy sessions with other crazies discussing his feelings. Everytime he cries out for Jihad they load him up with brain numbing drugs and discuss new therapy options.

If we kill him I suspect the world will see it as a move of revenge. If we keep him alive and in one of our mental hospitals then Moussaoui's worldview is marginalized and will be right up there next to shooting President Reagan to impress Jodie Foster. It puts him in the proper category of a 'nutbag' which is what he is.

Personally when i was little I liked Jodie Foster, but I probably would've just pulled her hair to get her attention. I'm old fashioned that way.

Friday, April 14, 2006

New Aroma

The bathrooms where I work have a new wall-mounted citrus air freshening device.

It's not bad. Now the bathroom smells like a bowl of egg salad with a tangerine twist.

Have a 'Good Friday' and a Happy Easter.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

You say Illegal Immigration, I say Social Security solution

Apparently we're too chicken to reform Social Security.

I sat in my own Congressman's office and discussed the matter while he and his Sr. Congressional Aide hemmed and hawed. Well here is a way to help the failing Social Security system that even my chicken congressman can get on-board with.

The problem with Social Security is in that it is a pay-as-you-go system. The first ones into the system paid next to nothing but got the full benefit. Everyone afterward pays more and gets about a 1:1 ratio in return. In the future recipients will benefit even less. Basically it's a government operated pyramid scheme.

The Baby Boomers generation is far too large to receive benefits from the rest of us because frankly they outnumber us. Too few of us to pay for too many of them means a financial problem that even Bush can predict.

So how can we fix this problem? If only we could artificially increase the number of younger workers in our population to help even out the disparity in the size of our respective generations.

If only there were people just streaming over our borders willing to work and could be eligible candidates to help pay into the Social Security system.

If only that could ever happen. (wink wink)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Income Tax time

I don't mind paying taxes, but I do resent the Income Tax.

You can read what I've written about it here: Taxing your Survival

Let me take a minute to just say some stuff while we're all thinking about the Income Tax this time of year. (same reason I write about sugar plumbs during Christmas)

This country does not need an income tax.
Our federal budget is 2.7 Trillion dollars.
We don't trade with enough nations.
The new medicare prescription drug plan cannot be paid for without printing more money.

Taxes rates will have to be raised at some point in the future to swallow the girth of what our government is spending. And once they do that you'll see that they'll talk of short term surplus revenue but won't buy back a single bond on which the debt was funded.

In other words it will be like winning the lottery and instead of paying off your credit cards, you open up new ones.

I know I'm sick of it but my question is:

When are you gonna stop putting up with this sh*t?

Monday, April 03, 2006

Reuters is kinda dumb sometimes

It seems like every article they have on the subject of Iran includes a similar sentence to the one that follows:

"The United States and Israel have consistently declined to rule out military action against Iran if Tehran fails to resolve the nuclear dispute through diplomatic means."

I guess my question is this: Who in the history of the world has ever removed the far off possiblity of the use of military action from a negotiation?

What are Israel and the United States to be expected to say to Iran? According to Reuters something like: "Okay, if we can't convince you to give up your obvious attempt to make nuclear weapons then I guess we'll be forced to speak ill of you in our public speeches until you give up your evil plans."

My plan would be to aggressively negotiate all while increasing trade with them. Fill their society with so much of our crap that when their leaders cry out for the death of Israel the average Iranian on the street is like "Sure, death to Israel but what I really want to know is when does the next season DVD of 24 come out?" We win when they become a nation that only yearns to care about meaningless crap.

The so-called Immigration debate

This whole thing being called an immigration issue is really just a smoke screen for what is the real issue:

In general we don't have an immigration problem, we have a problem with Mexicans and people from other Central American nations running across our southern border and living in the United States using our public benefits while not paying any federal taxes.

What I love about this issue is that it points most Americans toward the cost of benefits. Yes, there are some that hate foreigners in general and Mexicans specifically but most people just look at what it costs and that is the source of their disgust. This makes me happy.

This is because these undocumented/illegal aliens shouldn't cost us anything. And oh by the way...neither should most American citizens. The fact that much of your wages are taken and given to someone else should really annoy you but we've collectively grown numb to this reality because as long as 'everyone is paying in' we may as well get something out of it. Now that some are benfiting and not paying the 'unfair' siren goes off in everyone's head. (My siren has long since broken from overuse but that's obvious)

We really only have two solutions:

1. Get these illegal/undocumented folks to start paying their fair share

2. Or give them zero benefits whatsoever.

May I suggest we try both?

Also, this whole thing of Mexicans performing jobs that Americans won't do...big myth. It's more like Mexicans will perform jobs that Americans won't do that an undocumented person will do under the table. Americans will do all sorts of service and entry-level jobs but not while the salary market is artifically dropped by the droves of workers who are willing to earn far less for the opportunity to work while undocumented. (keep in mind that undocumented means paying no taxes...think about that while you're making out your check to the IRS this month)

The agency that our Mexican friends are to go to for documentation is also the same agency in charge of deporting them. Is it any wonder that most aren't interested in becoming documented? Most are just biding their time until they've been given some sort of status here with a relative guarantee of being able to stay.

The Declaration of Independence stated clearly what I believe to be true. That the pursuit of happiness is unalienable and not a right given by men or government. These undocumented folks are proving that their desire to seek a better life needs no endorsement by governments or men. We must document them or remove them by force. I think it's obvious which choice we can stomach as a society.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I've been working out of town

so I haven't blogged that much.

I'm back now and ready to go...except I have to go clean up cat barf right now so I'm not as ready as I thought. Check back.

Monday, March 27, 2006

The economy - Part 2

I received 3 emails regarding wait staff at restaurants from former waiters and waitresses. One was from my own sister.

So I must clarify what I mean so my food isn't spit in before it's delivered to my table.

First you must understand that the restaurants I normally patronize are greasy spoons. They pay their wait staff very little probably because I pay very little and expect even less for the service and food I receive. I'm not picky and typically will eat anything.

Let's just say you're a competent wait person. You enjoy working in a restaurant as it fits the value of your time and satisfies all of the gratification you want from a profession. Hooray for you, you can wait my table anytime and you should expect an enormous tip. I do tip well.

So when the economy is bad, you find that as turnover in your position continues the vacated jobs are being filled with people who are competent and on the ball. You enjoy working with these people and they enjoy you.

Then the economy picks up and more and more jobs are available all over. Lots of people will shift around in vocations looking for what satisfies them and then service level jobs are left looking for jobs to fill. You find that you (remember, you're a competent person) is now working with people who call in sick a lot, don't do the sidework or ask you to do their section for you, don't get things right and make customers complain. You also see your own tips suffer because you work with...oh it goes....complete idiots.

When I explained this to my sister (who has 10 years plus as a waitress and enjoyed it) she completely agreed. She just wanted to make sure that I wasn't calling all wait staff idiots.

My answer to her was this: No not all wait staff my dear sister, just you.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

How I know the economy is recovering

When the economy was in the dumper I noticed that if I had any money and was at a restaurant or some other service industry place, the customer service I got was remarkable. I'd talk to these people and would always get the same story that went sorta like this:

"I just got laid off so I'm working here until I get my resume around or maybe I'll go back to school. Anyway, gotta pay the bills."

Following that conversation was always more competent service and I always wished them well because I knew they'd be successful in any endeavor because they had their act together. When the economy stinks more skilled people are thrown into the workforce and eventually occupy jobs normally held by idiots.

Today I have full confidence that our economy has made a full recovery.

First stop is to CompUSA. I needed a new power supply for my laptop and was looking at the universal adapters. The description on the back of the package was close to my laptop's model number but was missing one letter. I asked a guy if he could look it up for me. He told me he'd like to but he was sorta busy. I didn't get a "one minute" or "I can find another person to help you" but instead was told that he was 'kinda busy.' I told him that I was kinda not shopping there anymore.

Second I stop into Bartell Drugs to get a new passport photo. The guy at the counter doesn't know how to work the camera. He calls his manager over and they just play with the camera for a few minutes and finally she just takes off with it. He and I stood there for about 5 minutes when I asked him, "Could you get an ETA on your manager?"

He said, "I don't know where she went."

I said, "Can you go find out?"

He asked me, "What do you want me to find out?"

I calmy told him, "I want to know if she's figuring out the camera so we both don't just stand here."

He said, "Okay." He wandered slowly toward the back of the store and stood by the pharmacy just staring.

I left.

Third and final stop I was standing in line at a teriyaki place with two people who are likely itinerant workers from a large country south of the United States. (I'm trying not to say Mexican) After they order and talk to the Asian woman behind the counter they both roll their eyes because they couldn't really understand her.

I guess her broken English was offensive to these two who apparently both possessed a more superior form of broken English. Sheesh.

So friends, just ignore all of the normal leading economic indicators and take my word for it. The economy is alive and well.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Limericks - Get them while they're hot

I knew it was bad from the start
It began as just a small fart
It happened so fast
That short little blast
But alas it was only a shart

Screw that...limericks are too hard.

Here's a St. Patty's Day Haiku:

Your green overalls
To me a butcher's apron
So God Save the Queen

I barfed on my shirt
I'm wearing green afterall
Fun to be Irish

You try!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Whatever you do, don't blush!

I will tell you two stories about how I said something I thought was funny and instead of spawning laughter, my comment brought on a blank stare and a red face.

Story number one begins here: I worked in the gaming industry for years. During one lowpoint (as jobs were scarce) I was a lead for a group of testers that tested XBox games. It was sometimes a fun job and sometimes I just wanted to urinate on the floor to entertain myself. One of my testers was playing an action adventure game and he set down his controller and said, "Oh man they got me!" I looked over and wondered what happened. Then he said, "I had five guys on me at once." I replied, "That must be a dream come true for you." Everyone laughed...he blushed.

Story number two begins here: At a bakery it took a long time for the guy behind the counter to acknowledge that I was standing at the counter awhile. He finally asked, "Anything look good to you?" I replied, "I was just admiring your buns." I'm looking down at the sticky buns along the display counter. The guy behind me laughs...the baker blushes.

Don't blush! Please just laugh it off so we're not all left wondering what you're thinking. We don't want to know.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Law Enforcement

A local TV station obtained video of a routine traffic stop where a woman received a ticket for going eleven over the speed limit. She initially refused to sign the ticket (despite being told it was not an admission of guilt) and then was put under arrest.

The woman had already signed the ticket (at which point it is not known) but the officer persisted with his attempt to put her under arrest. She refused to get out of the car so he pulled her out of the car by force, pulling her hair. She was charged with resisting arrest, assault and obstruction.

The city for which the officer works has viewed the video and is comfortable with the technique that the officer used in handling the incident. I wish I could say the same thing.

I believe that the officer acted within the policies and laws, but is refusing to sign something really an offense worthy of arrest? You don't even have to sign paperwork to be divorced in this state, why should refusing to sign a ticket be a big deal? Especially when it is really just a promise to respond.

What amazes me is how the law is setup to arrest people who are just easy picking. If your house is broken into and your posessions are stolen, the police will show up and make a report and then give you a case number. The reason for the case number is so you can give it to your insurance company. How much actual investigation do they do? Aside from looking around to see whether the burglar dropped his wallet or left a signed confession you can expect them to do nothing.

Oh but if you don't sign a traffic ticket then you can be arrested and pulled out of your vehicle by your hair. There seriously can be no provision to issue a citation even without their signature? Can't they just do what UPS does and just leave a note saying it's "on the back porch?"

I'm just concerned that law enforcement has come down picking the low hanging fruit. Police do not investigate real crimes (theft or force), but instead aggressively arrest people who have done next to nothing, or what they have done is to themselves only (drug arrests).

In the end we're left with the erosion of respect for law and those who are charged with enforcing it. Maybe a change in focus would make people resent the police less so that the routine traffic stop doesn't become an overblown case of civil disobedience.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Harry Browne

Harry Browne died today.

Who is Harry Browne? Harry ran for president on the Libertarian ticket in both 1996 and 2000. He earned 485,798 vote in 1996 and was first candidate I was actually excited to cast a vote for. I knew he would lose but it didn't matter to me one iota. I appreciated voting for someone that saw the potential in our country that was untapped and restrained by legislative creep. In 2000 when the rest of you were trying to choose between Dumb and Dumber (Bush/Gore) I felt at ease voting for the guy both of them refused to debate in Boston. Most forget that the Libertarian party had 'major' party status in Massachusetts and by state law was to be included in all partisan debates. The debate went on despite a judge affirming his right to be included.

I met Harry when he visited in Seattle during the 2000 campaign and he was a very polished public speaker. I still have a copy of his book Why Government Doesn't Work and a video file of one of his TV ads that I donated to get on the air.

America lost a great man today.

Okay, now this guy pisses me off

A teacher by the name of Jay Bennish who 'teaches' at Overland High School in Aurora, Colorado was taped by a student giving what the press is calling a "rant."

Here is the Denver Post article

I listened to about a half-hour of his lecture to his students that was on a Colorado newsradio station here

I know teachers can often be taken out of context because they talk all the time and that teenagers can have oversensitive feelings if what they're hearing is diametrically opposed to their own sensibilities so I wanted to hear his so-called rant myself. After all, a social studies class should have a pretty lively delivery if high school students are expected to pay attention.

I have to commend the teacher for attempting to put context in his teaching. His students are learning way more than places and dates. I also like the fact that in listening to it is easy to discern that he has a passion for teaching. Most of the teachers I had in high school didn't like their jobs and it showed. This guy would probably only give up his teaching job for a talkshow on Air America or perhaps shining a statue of Stalin somewhere.

The thing that I find out of line is that his rant is purely his opinion and not academic in nature. I don't mind him giving his opinion but he only gives the other side's argument just to show its flaws. His argument has flaws too but he doesn't expose them. He's interested in his students being enlightened to the point of agreeing with him. In typical "progressive" fashion he loves freedom of choice as long as you come to the same conclusions he has...and then he calls it diversity.

Most of what he says is fine. I'm not a conservative and I'm not offended by Mr. Bennish critizing policies. I am offended that there are clear, substantiated, and respected academic opinions that are to the contrary of his rant and he is obliged as an 'educator' to tell those viewpoints. Fact is though he's a fraud as an educator as he probably only knows what he hears. I am not a high school educator but I am familiar with liberal/progressive, conservative, and libertine thought enough to present them in a way that can give students a real understanding. And as they mature and wiggle through life they can sort out these political philosophies on their own. I express my opinions here because it is my forum to do so, but education should not be like a blog, it should be like an open book.

His one comment alone where he stated on the tape that capitalism as a system is "at odds with human rights" is a complete joke and can easily be dismantled through academic reason.

For example Fredic Bastiat wrote in his book The Law:

Self-preservation and self-development are common aspirations among all people. And if everyone enjoyed the unrestricted use of his faculties and the free disposition of the fruits of his labor, social progress would be ceaseless, uninterrupted, and unfailing.

You could disagree with this statement just as you could the teacher's comment about capitalism but for the sake of learning couldn't you at least bring it up? Is there no opposing view that can stand up against such an intelligent onslaught that can only come from a public high school social studies teacher? Those of you who actually know any high school teachers are probably laughing now.

Look Mr. Bennish, I'm sure my tiny brain and humble intellect can't stand up to your giant high school teacher brain but forgive me while I try to simplify my half-witted response to you in the only way I am able:

If you were teaching my kid's class I would meet with you in a parent/teacher conference and I'd make you look like a blubbering fool in front of my child, your principal and whoever else wanted to watch. And then after I got you a tissue to dry your pathetic tears I'd explain to everyone that just being smarter than another person and talking over less educated people doesn't equal education. I'd then explain to my child that even your pathetic excuse for an opinion is something that should be heard, but in proper context in the face of some reasonable scrutiny.

Then you'd all stand up and give me a standing ovation for giving you such a rare learning opportunity and you would wonder how I was capable of this without the giant brain that our public educators possess. I'll leave that alone as one of life's great and wonderful mysteries.