Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Post Election Summary

The Democrat Party is poised to win both the Senate (still close) and the House of Representatives as I sit here typing this on the morning after the election.

The impact that this is going to make in the long run is still the reason why I don't vote for either of these parties. Below I'll list some major issues and I'll let you decide whether the change in party power structure will make a difference.

Monetary Policy
Trade Deficit
War in Iraq
Imminent Domain Abuse

I'm here to tell you that the only thing that will impact me is that when I go to visit my useless House Representative (Jay Inslee) he'll probably be in a bigger office. When I go I'll still be in the role of teacher when it comes to explaining the role of a Constitutionally restrained Federal Government. Then I'll return to my bunker and stock provisions like all good lovers of freedom.

My next project is to concentrate on my book and watch college basketball.


robert the grump said...

Yes, things will change. They already have. Waging war, $1 billion. Occupying hostile nation, $2 billion. Don Rumsfeld resigns, priceless.

Argue that one, Libertarian Boy.

This blue wave of Vulcan logic is two years overdue. Half of us knew that Bush was incompetent six years ago, and certainly we knew it two years ago during the 2004 elections. Not one single thing has changed since then, except the rest of the country finally gets it.

So what does it mean? Short term, Bush does not get to stay the course without a fight. He can no longer ignore the Democratic Party. Did you know that the Republicans in Congress have been refusing to debate any bill brought forward by a Democrat, unless it has Republican support? Of course you do, but most people don't. Republicans don't play fair, and they don't play nice. That just changed. Now, they don't have the power to silence the opposition.

Long term, a Democrat is elected President and with a full majority in Congress, things get done. You will see a phased withdrawal from Iraq. You will see an end to tax breaks for the richest 2% of America. You will see Ted Stevens have a stroke because Maria Cantwell won't go away.

And Jay Inslee is a hell of a nice guy, you Libertarian cynic.

Tracy said...

If what you're saying is we'll experience the sweetness of gridlock finally then I'm all for it. It's about time frankly.

This 'end' to tax breaks will be a 3% marginal rate increase. Wow, that's really soaking it to them. And for what? To pay interest on the National Debt. Not a dollar will go to your Great Society.

I'm glad you're optimistic...if things do change for the better you can bet I'll comment on it here.