Thursday, November 23, 2006

Macy's Parade

The televised broadcast of this parade is complete rubbish.

NBC uses it as an opportunity to talk to celebrities in all of their TV shows while the floats you want to see are passing by in the background.

The worst part of this production was enough to make you want to trade places with an unfortunate prisoner in Abu Ghraib. Casts from different Broadway shows stopped in front of the Macy's store and lip-synced a scene from the show. I haven't sat in my livingroom and yelled at the TV so much since the Kerry/Bush debates.

This parade used to be a highlight of the holiday season. Now instead NBC has turned it into a long commercial for their shoddy primetime lineups.

Does anyone know why the Macy's logo looks like it belongs on an old Communist Party poster? Maybe their parade should be on May 1st instead. Now I know why the parade sucked, because they're all a bunch of Commies.

I have plans with family today. Here's hoping I don't repeat last year's episode with explosive diarrhea. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Esther said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Tracy!

Yeah, I miss the Macy's parade broadcasts from when I was a kid. I always liked to watch the floats and ballooons and I would flip channels when they spent too much time talking to people or having song and dance routines. Now that's all they do. My tradition has been stolen. Apparently by commies . . .