Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Straw Poll '08

Get out your straws. Tell me who you would support if they announced their candidacy right now. Only restrictions are that they must be eligible for the presidency and be currently alive. Normally a person has to be alive to be a candidate but I'm reasonably sure that Gerald Ford was a robot.


Robert the Grump said...

Damn your ridiculous stipulation against naming the dead. Dead or alive, Paul Tsongas would be the best president we've had since they wore powdered wigs. Everything that ever went right for Clinton was stolen from Tsongas.

Other than that, Mark Warner, former governor of Virginia might be ready. Barack Obama in 12 more years. I like Rahm Emmanuel, but he won't run.

For the other side, I'd rather see Newt Gingrich than Frist or any of the other contendors. I'd like McCain better if you could pin him down to one side of the debate. He's the Republican Hillary.

God help us, no Jeb Bush, please.

Tracy said...

I agree that the not being able to name the dead made this tricky. I wouldn't mind seeing a robotic Paul Tsongas leading our country.

One of my favorite political quotes of his was: "I'm not Santa Claus"

Gino said...

there is a reason Paul was called Taxsongas.
no, he wasnt santa clause. he was the big govt tax man.

i nominate Ron Paul.
or maybe... henry hyde.

i dont mind a pat buchanan, or somebody like him, as long as its not a neocon, which is all 'the right' has anymore.

Esther said...

Congressman Mike Pence, or Congressman Ernest Istook. Or me. . . oh yeah, they have to b eligible, I forgot.

Tracy said...

For a Republican I'd have to lean toward Ron Paul myself.

For a Democrat I'd probably have to choose New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson possibly.

For the Dead Party I'd nominate Barry Goldwater.

For the Robot Party I'd nominate Al Gore with Gerald Ford as a running-mate.