Thursday, August 24, 2006

Our solar system just became less accepting

The Bush Administration has once again let the 'little guy' down by their dangerous and reckless policies. Now a planet in our solar system is the latest victim of so-called "Compassionate Conservatism."

Pluto, whose only crime is being the smallest planet in our solar system, is now on the outside looking in as the exclusive club of 'planets' just became smaller.

I guess if this type of thing continues to happen to small plants that are far away then which soon-to-be-former planet will be next? If we can't send a probe to Uranus then I guess we just tell them to find another solar system? This policy must stop now.

Yes, I realize I said "send a probe to Uranus." Snicker.


Robert the Grump said...

In a related story, and for the same reasons given for Pluto's demotion, Bush can no longer his penis a penis.

It is now a "dwarf-penis".

Tracy said...

Did you use penis as a verb?...a transitive verb even?

little-cicero said...

Thanks for pointing out "probe to Uranus". Believe it or not I did not get that. You see, I'm in 12th grade, not 7th grade!

(No offense) :P

Gino said...

maybe some of your other blog friends can explain that one to you. ;)

Tracy said...

Unfair Gino...there are so many jokes I want to make now but I am showing restraint in respect of all sophisticated 12th graders.

Besides, you don't want anyone to do any space exploration around LC. Hopefully they'd find an inpenetrable ring around Uranus that would make further exploration impossible.