Monday, April 03, 2006

The so-called Immigration debate

This whole thing being called an immigration issue is really just a smoke screen for what is the real issue:

In general we don't have an immigration problem, we have a problem with Mexicans and people from other Central American nations running across our southern border and living in the United States using our public benefits while not paying any federal taxes.

What I love about this issue is that it points most Americans toward the cost of benefits. Yes, there are some that hate foreigners in general and Mexicans specifically but most people just look at what it costs and that is the source of their disgust. This makes me happy.

This is because these undocumented/illegal aliens shouldn't cost us anything. And oh by the way...neither should most American citizens. The fact that much of your wages are taken and given to someone else should really annoy you but we've collectively grown numb to this reality because as long as 'everyone is paying in' we may as well get something out of it. Now that some are benfiting and not paying the 'unfair' siren goes off in everyone's head. (My siren has long since broken from overuse but that's obvious)

We really only have two solutions:

1. Get these illegal/undocumented folks to start paying their fair share

2. Or give them zero benefits whatsoever.

May I suggest we try both?

Also, this whole thing of Mexicans performing jobs that Americans won't do...big myth. It's more like Mexicans will perform jobs that Americans won't do that an undocumented person will do under the table. Americans will do all sorts of service and entry-level jobs but not while the salary market is artifically dropped by the droves of workers who are willing to earn far less for the opportunity to work while undocumented. (keep in mind that undocumented means paying no taxes...think about that while you're making out your check to the IRS this month)

The agency that our Mexican friends are to go to for documentation is also the same agency in charge of deporting them. Is it any wonder that most aren't interested in becoming documented? Most are just biding their time until they've been given some sort of status here with a relative guarantee of being able to stay.

The Declaration of Independence stated clearly what I believe to be true. That the pursuit of happiness is unalienable and not a right given by men or government. These undocumented folks are proving that their desire to seek a better life needs no endorsement by governments or men. We must document them or remove them by force. I think it's obvious which choice we can stomach as a society.


Esther said...

Bravo! Good post.

PlatinumGirl said...

This whole thing makes me nuts. We already have laws on the books designed to address this problem, and they are not being enforced. Instead, we're being told we have no right to regulate who comes in and how they get here because we are a nation of immigrants. Bullshit!

Gino said...

and yet, we are expecting our govt to make more even stricter laws to address this problem that wasnt prevented by enforcing the weaker laws in the first place.

nothing will change.

i'm attempting to cover this issue in an indepth discussion on my own blog, one facet of the issue at a time.

please, feel free to visit me there if you like, or just ignore me altogether. :)

great post, tracy!