Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Medicated Blog Post #3

It's that time of year again where I have a cold and my head is in a cloud. I try to stay away from the blog so you all won't get sick too but sometimes I just can't resist. I only have disconnected thoughts now so you'll get my A-game analysis of current events brought to you by Sudafed.

1. Barak Obama has an unfortunate sounding name that will probably plague him. Too close to Osama. His name may as well be Rudolph Shitler.

2. My brother has had his Christmas tree up for a week already. Geez.

3. I had 40 Trick or Treaters this year. The most popular costume was a Pirate.

4. I forgot to shave this morning and now it's really starting to bug me.


Esther said...

Who let you outside all drugged up like that?

I thought your analysis on Obama's name was brilliant despite the Sudafed.

little-cicero said...

What about Rudolf Giuliani? Now everytime I watch Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer this year (probably 20 times) I'll think of the mayor. And everytime I see Giuliani being closeted by Christian Conservatives I'll think of Donnor keeping Rudolf in the cave. If they try to disguise him as a Christian Conservative I'll think of Donnor slapping mud on his son's nose.

This could go on forever really.

Tracy said...

LC - this analogy is brilliant and right up my alley.

When he's complimented he'll shed the false nose and scream, "I'M CUDE! I'M CUDE! SHE SAID I'M CUDE!"

I think this holiday classic will mean something new to both of us this year.

robert the grump said...

If your theory is correct, then adult film director Antonio Passolini is in a lot of trouble.

Gino said...

i recently heard that obama's middle name is hussien.
if true, he's screwed.