Friday, October 06, 2006

Mail Update

The GOP sent me some mail this week. It was one of those questionnaire fundraising letters.

On a side note I should mention that if a political party sends you a questionnaire and acts like they want to know your opinion they are lying. They send the questionnaire because they know that you have opinions because they've put you on a mailing list of people who are politically active. So at the end of the questionaire they say that they need you to send in a donation to cover the cost of processing your questionnaire. Once they've filled out a deposit slip and processed your check they go ahead and begin processing your questionaire. I've taken the liberty of illustrating of how this process works below.

Anyway they addressed it to Ms. Tracy Green. If they're not going to offer me free women's underwear then I'm afraid I don't have any use for the GOP.

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Esther said...

When I was an intern in D.C. I worked for the RNC and it was a terrible experience. I remember that my supervisor's said I could take down people's opinions on a sheet of paper and the chairman (Ed Gillespy at the time) would look at them. So, I got almost no donations (because I'm not a hard sell, if someone says they don't want to give money I leave them alone). But I got lots of opinions. My supervisors finally came, in force, and told me to stop taking down peoples' opinions like that . . . Trash is right, that's where they go.