Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Immigration and Motorcycles

Thanks to the national immigration debate I've gained a new understanding in my personal life.

I've never had a motorcycle endorsement on my driver's license. The Motorcycle Safety classes fill up pretty fast and you usually have to sign up for them months in advance. But since I've already been riding for several years (by several I mean since Ronald Reagan was president) I just end up putting it off. I have very truthfully ridden thousands of miles without an endorsement. In fact this very summer I commuted to work almost exclusively on my motorcycle.

But I do not ride my motorcycle illegally simply because I don't have an endorsement. I'm simply an undocumented motorcyclist. Viva las Ratas!

Note: I do plan to get the endorsement and take the safety class...probably this winter when the waiting list shrinks some.


robert the grump said...

Conversely, I've had a motorcycle endorsement since 1976 and haven't owned a bike since 1985. Yet, I can still legally ride one.

Why pay the extra fee all these years? To feel morally superior to illegal motorcyclists. This gives me two up on Tracy. I am a legal motorcyclist and belong to a political party that matters.

I win.

Tracy said...

Calling me an 'illegal' is a bigoted remark meant to dehumanize me as an undocumented motorcyclist.

Actually I've been told the MSF course is pretty good and will sharpen skills especially with larger CC bikes. I figure I can give it a try and get my endorsement as well.

Watch Bruce tonight in the US Senate debate and when he encourages hundreds of people to vote for him...we'll see who really matters. HA HA!