Monday, April 03, 2006

Reuters is kinda dumb sometimes

It seems like every article they have on the subject of Iran includes a similar sentence to the one that follows:

"The United States and Israel have consistently declined to rule out military action against Iran if Tehran fails to resolve the nuclear dispute through diplomatic means."

I guess my question is this: Who in the history of the world has ever removed the far off possiblity of the use of military action from a negotiation?

What are Israel and the United States to be expected to say to Iran? According to Reuters something like: "Okay, if we can't convince you to give up your obvious attempt to make nuclear weapons then I guess we'll be forced to speak ill of you in our public speeches until you give up your evil plans."

My plan would be to aggressively negotiate all while increasing trade with them. Fill their society with so much of our crap that when their leaders cry out for the death of Israel the average Iranian on the street is like "Sure, death to Israel but what I really want to know is when does the next season DVD of 24 come out?" We win when they become a nation that only yearns to care about meaningless crap.


Esther said...

In answer to your question: Apparently Reutters has removed the possibility of military action. ;oP

Tracy said...

I knew you'd have the answer!

Thanks Esther :)