Thursday, June 29, 2006

Happy Independence Day

This is my favorite holiday without a doubt. I celebrate this day with all the gusto I can muster and I'm not the least bit sorry for it. I'm so excited for this day I can't stand it.

I'm going to a kid's parade in the morning and then the 'grand' parade my town has. After the grand parade I'm going to a revolutionary war reenactment and watch redcoats and minutemen shoot at each other...I hope we win this year.

After that my family is coming to my house and we're gonna stuff ourselves with food and pretend to like each other until it gets dark...then we'll go see a fireworks show. If I had more land I'd explode stuff myself...maybe in a year or two.

I enjoy the story of this country and the miracle of its founding. It's a story I never grow tired of hearing. The principles of liberty are so core to our culture...even among conservatives and liberals. I love my country and I'm proud to be a citizen of the United States.

Have a great weekend!


Esther said...

Happy Independence Day!

Robert the Grump said...

I fear that the fourth of July has gone the way of Christmas. Christmas is now commercialized beyond recognition. Independence Day is now a great excuse to get stinking drunk and blow stuff up.

I wonder if the average moron launching illegal mortars over the dry, flammable roofs of houses worth $450,000 even knows who Thomas Paine was, or what the Declaration of Independence was.

I rather doubt it. Most of these young punks would know Crispus Attucks if he kicked them square in the pants.

It's telling that we put almost as much effort into celebrating Cinco de Mayo, and ironic that most of the drunken celebrants think that they're celebrating Mexico's Independence Day.

Those of you who think Sam Adams is a bottle of beer need to read a history book.

I know that Tracy understands what I'm saying. He thinks he's a Minuteman and lives for the second ammendment. He only leaves his compound near Ruby Ridge to buy firearms in Seattle. He may be the only person alive who actually read the constitution, looking for loopholes.

Tracy said...

I would agree with you. Most Americans I come in contact with are completely ignorant of founding of our country.

I enjoy coming out of the bunker one weekend of the summer to celebrate Independence Day...then it's back in to inventory the weapons stockpile.