Friday, July 14, 2006

Dealing with Victoria's Crap

I've written about this before and have followed this issue for about a decade. You see our progressive and environmentally conscious neighbors to the north use our shared waterway as a sewage treatment area for their capital city of British Columbia.

From the Oregonian:

"Dumping raw sewage into the Strait of Juan de Fuca is no longer a good long-range strategy for the British Columbia capital, an independent scientific panel has concluded."

So basically an independent scientific study says that Victoria, British Columbia (Population 74,100) should probably begin looking for another solution to dumping their sewage than that of letting is just spill off into open waters. What is their response?

Also from the Oregonian:

"We know that there are some who would like us to make a decision immediately," Victoria Mayor Alan Lowe said in a statement released as the regional board met behind closed doors.

"While I understand those concerns, it is important that we look at all facets of the sewage issue," Lowe said. "Only then will we be in a position to make an informed decision."

Our progressive and environmentally superior neighbors would like to make an informed decision about whether it's really okay to dump their crap into a waterway strait that both of our nations use.

Oh Canada, please treat your sewage like other first world nations...that is if you can make time when you're not patting yourself on the back for being so environmentally superior to your hillbilly southern neighbors.


Gino said...

i spent a couple days in BC last fall.
everybody i met told me at first remark "I like americans". and then promptly began telling me what was wrong with americans.

funny people up there.
something about them just aint right.

Robert the Grump said...

Did Gail Norton leave the Bush administration only to become Secretary of the Interior for Canada?

I go to Vancouver all the time. From now on I'm going to litter and stick gum under seats. It's a small thing, but everything counts.

Seriously, the Canadians have turned a deaf ears to our pleas to keep their crap to themselves for too long. Nothing's going to change if the State of Washington is the only entity fighting them with our feeble powers. The Feds probably see nothing wrong with dumping poop in their backyard pool. After all, Bush once appointed a former CEO of a papermill to be the czar of clean air.

Get the troops off the Mexican border and post them up North where the threat is greater!

BTW - I worry when Tracy quotes a newspaper from Oregon. He must be passionate about the subject to give credit to anything from Oregon.

Tracy said...

I scanned the Tacoma News Tribune (Western Washingtons only great newspaper) for an article to avoid giving credit to the Oregonian, but alas I could find no mention.

James K Polk wouldn't put up with this crap.

Gino said...

nice parallel there,robert.
WA gets discards from canada. CA ( my home) gets discards from mexico.

we both pay the price for what the feds wont do when they shirk their duties to enforce the national border.

maybe you folks need to start up a bucket brigade to do what our minutemen are doing.