Thursday, March 07, 2013

Winter Blogging

In my mind I blog year around.  Now it's early March and you probably know my last post was on New Year's Eve.  I promise you that I did blog in January and February...I just stopped myself from clicking the "Publish" button.  We should all be thankful.

I have a tough time during the winter.  The reasons vary from living in an awful weather climate, a very busy work schedule, and of course the awful weather climate.  Of all these it's the weather I hate the most.  Get the picture?

I got email and messages asking me when I was going to blog again.  I didn't know what to say honestly.  It's a common situation to this blog in January and February.  I work a lot and my attempts at blogging are miserable and sad.

It's not just blogging, it's just the outlook your life has when you live under constant cloud cover and drizzly rain.  Without even knowing why friends and strangers would approach me and ask "What's wrong?"  There's nothing wrong really, nothing a few months of sunshine won't solve.  Every March we get what is called a Spring Tease.  On a single day it will be sunny and 52 degrees.  You'll hear birds and the smell of freshly cut grass almost gives you a narcotic reaction.   This rush of optimism floods over you and suddenly you can't stop thinking about how awesome the day and your life is.  The next day is foggy and rainy and it is all you can do to put on your socks.  Stupid, dumb socks.

So during the winter I type out my blog post and then sit back and quickly read over the highlights.  Two or three sentences in I just close the browser and it remains an unpublished draft with about a dozen other attempts.  Are they that bad you ask?  They're worse than you can imagine.

Even this post is nothing special or interesting and I'm surprised you've read this far.  Why did you read this far?'s starting again...March will have some posts...the weather will be had better.