Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Free Panty

One of the cool things about being a guy and having a name that is also used by women is that sometimes your mail can be interesting.

Victoria's Secret sent a coupon offer to me for one free panty.

I'm still debating whether I should head to the mall and get one. I don't know if I can go in there and with a straight face say, "I'm here for my panty."


Robert the Grump said...

Tracy, are you a former Congressional Page for Rep. Mark Foley?

Is that why you quit the Republican Party and became a Libertarian?

Tracy said...

Honstly the Republican Party didn't have very many pretty girls at the time I was involved. My access to panties was rather limited. (really has been most of my life but anyway)

I could've gone to the Democrat Party easily as well but there were just too many Seattle-granola types.

Esther said...

That's great.

Maybe if you went in to get your free panty they would stop sending you coupons. Or they might sell your name to a few other women's clothing stores and who knows what you'll be getting in the mail.

Dave Johnson said...

While you're there, could you pick me up a powder blue lace thong? I busted right through the band on my last one.