Wednesday, September 06, 2006

If I was a dinosaur...

...I'd be a Mybackisaurus.

Walking on my backyard retaining wall I maneuvered around my deck (which I've done dozens of times). To steady myself I held onto one of the vertical rails only this time the rail I used for support came off in my hand.

I fell backwards about 5 feet down and landed on my back. Don't be alarmed though, my fall was cushioned by blackberry bushes.

My back now feels like I carried Oprah up twenty flights of stairs then set her down only to put on a shirt that had five fighting cats in it.


Gino said...

are the bushes ok?

Robert the Grump said...

It took me an hour to figure out which vertical rail to loosen.

That'll teach you to mess with Seattle liberals. You and your Librarian friends can go back to your stacks of anti-government literature now.

Tracy said...

See if I ever help you find a book!