Thursday, August 26, 2010

Congratulations Canada!

I’m so proud of our progressive, globally conscious, and all around awesome neighbors to the north who made the brave and forward looking decision to stop spilling their poo poo and pee pee into the waters of my state.

Congratulations Canada, welcome to the 20th Century.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2nd Phase of Fake End of War Complete

The US just completed its second fake end to the war in Iraq and invented a new type of soldier known as the "Transition Soldier".

If you remember from Bush's speech on the USS Lincoln, he declared an end of "major combat operations" which was a necessary step to usher in troops from nations who agreed to go into Iraq in a new phase. We know how that went.

Now we're declaring that the last combat troops have left Iraq and crossed over into Kuwait. Hooray. Maybe they'll be redeployed to Afghanistan, but maybe not. But one problem still persists:

One of the major reason Bin Laden indicated for his continuing attacks on the US was our military presence on the Arabian peninsula, something not resolved by moving a brigade to Kuwait.

Are we any more safe with troops in Kuwait rather than Iraq? If an insurgency grows once again in Iraq is there any question that our troops will quietly return? Is this really the troop withdrawal everyone was counting on?

I just hope this is the last fake end of the war we have to celebrate.