Friday, March 17, 2006

Limericks - Get them while they're hot

I knew it was bad from the start
It began as just a small fart
It happened so fast
That short little blast
But alas it was only a shart

Screw that...limericks are too hard.

Here's a St. Patty's Day Haiku:

Your green overalls
To me a butcher's apron
So God Save the Queen

I barfed on my shirt
I'm wearing green afterall
Fun to be Irish

You try!


berburbaby said...

I sit in my office and think
"What is that horrendous stink?
Could it just be me...
or my neighbor Lee?"
Nope, it's crap in the kitchen sink!

Robert the Grump said...

There once was a man from Cork.
Who refused to eat any pork.
It's my religion he claimed.
to which his mother exclaimed.
We're not Jewish you stupid dork.