Monday, April 30, 2007

A song from the greatest generation

Listen, little lady, it's the order of the day,
Issued by the highest of authority;
Fellows in the service simply can't be turned away,
You know that defense must get priority.
So, if you're patriotic'lly inclined,
Heed the call to arms, and keep this thought in mind:

You can't say, "No," to a soldier,
A sailor or a handsome marine;
No, you can't say, "No," if he wants to dance,
If he's gonna fight, he's got a right to romance;
So, get out your lipstick and powder,
Be beautiful and dutiful, too.
If he's not your type, then it's still o-kay,
You can always kiss him in a sisterly way;
Oh, you can't say, "No," No, you gotta give in,
If you want him to win for you.

You can't say, "No," to a soldier,
A sailor or a handsome marine;
No, you can't say, "No," if he wants to dance,
If he's gonna fight, he's got a right to romance;
So, get out your lipstick and powder,
Be beautiful and dutiful, too.
If he says it's cold on those submarines,
You can knit a sweater, but that's not what he means;
Oh, you can't say, "No," No, no, no, no, no, no;
No, they're not made of tin,
So, you better give in
If you want him to win for you.

My jaw dropped as I played this song (now on CD) in my car stereo. No wonder everyone tried to enlist in those days.

Monkeys flinging poo

Actually I wanted to title this post "Why our monetary system hurts the poor the most" but it wasn't nearly as exciting...but I'll try to work in monkeys flinging their excrement into this post anyway.

The Republican Party should be absolutely ashamed of their legacy since Bush has become elected. Even from the field of candidates looking to get into the White House I've not found much disgust from what has happened over the last eight years.

Our monetary policy is the worst part of this legacy and as a result it has hurt our poorest citizens the most. Bush will tell you that he helped the poor the most by reducing what was a 15% marginal taxation rate to 10% and has kept inflation under control. But there's a huge flaw to this logic.

The budget has bloated completely out of control so that spending (both discretionary and non-discretionary) has increased beyond that of the Clinton administration and rivals the pace of LBJ. This remains a fact while the Iraq War stays completely off budget as some sort of supplemental budget (like a new credit card you don't have to pay off for a few years)

While we're increasing monetary supply to help pay for these annual deficits, this new money ends up in the hands of banks and corporations first while its relative value is high. By the time it gets into the wallets and purses of citizens it now reflects the buying power of a fully devalued dollar. The statistic that inflation is kept under control does not reflect the buying power of the federal reserve currency that continues to drop and fails to compete internationally.

The government can do much more for the poor than to throw out more programs like monkeys flinging poo (I told you I'd get to it eventually). The federal government could reduce spending and reduce the need to overextend our monetary system. This would increase the buying power of poor individuals and make the small amount of money they possess go further. It would also help senior citizens who live off of pensions and social security. These people don't need more programs, they need a federal government who cares about the value of money they already possess.

The next president (Democrat or Republican) must be one who understands sound fiscal policies that protect our monetary supply. Selling off our Federal Reserve debt to China (our current method of financing our debt) is not a long term solution and one that will eventually threaten our national security far more than Mexicans crossing our southern border or insurgents in Baghdad.

Side note: I'm feeling better now as the antibiotics seemed to have found the problem in my lungs and solved it. Thank you for the many well-wishers. Let's hope for fewer medicated blog posts in the coming months and weeks.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Medicated Blog Post #6

This one won't ramble because I'm exceedingly tired. I'm on antibiotics right now fighting bronchitis and I have enough energy for only a single paragraph. The blood bank called the other night and wanted me to donate blood. I responded with, "my own blood?" After 2 seconds of silence she said, "uh...yes." Check back next week.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

My run-in with a guy from the P-I

Today I went to the Puyallup Spring Fair. It's a springtime family even that is held about 50 miles south of where I live in a town called Puyallup (say PEW-AL-UP).

I came upon an exhibit for the Seattle P-I. If you've lived in this area the "P-I" is one of the two lame newspapers in this area more formally known as the Post-Intelligencer. It is owned by the Hearst Corporation. Though it's one of the northwest's oldest newspapers it hasn't been a viable newspaper since I was in elementary school. To explain it further they have a Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) with the Seattle Times (the other lame paper in town) which enables them to stay in business. This JOA is basically code for "we'll keep your irrelevant publication alive and barely breathing by taking over everything except your editorial board." The editorial board of the P-I is so left-of-center that it makes the New York Times board look like Fox News.

I love belittling the P-I at every chance I get. So when the guy at the booth asked me if I took the paper I just had to have a little fun. I told him I didn't and I couldn't believe what he said next:

"Are you against knowledge? Do you like being mediocre and not knowing what's going on in the world?" I was stunned. This guy wanted a war of wits and I was in a mood.

I said, "I thought the P-I only printed a paper on Tuesdays."

"That's my point you don't know much about what's going on in your community; we're a daily newspaper." He continued his lecture about how much smarter he is.

I said, "I thought you guys were bought out by the Seattle Weekly." I admit this was a cheapshot and was clearly intended to make fun of him. In fact the Seattle Weekly is a tabloid style weekly that covers mostly local issues from a socio/political opinion journal style and has its last several pages devoted to escort service ads.

"Well, there you go again, spouting your ignorance." The guy shot back.

Finally I told him I was joking because he got a bit out of control. I told him I knew they were owned by Hearst and pretty much everything I just shared with you in the first paragraph. I didn't see the need to press him since he was obviously agitated but this didn't stop the guy from insulting me more.

"Not taking the paper is like accepting you don't want to know what's going on in the world and you just want to settle on being ignorant everyday. Why would you want to live like that?"

I told him that it was that type of arrogance which is leading people to find other types of information sources and the very reason why he probably won't have a job in the next couple of years.

This is probably where it went bad.

"Come say to my face that I won't have a job next year!" He stood up. He's about six foot and large...I'd guess his genealogy traces to the Pacific Islands...don't know for sure...probably ignorance from not reading the P-I but anyway. Anyway he's bigger than me but he wouldn't be the biggest guy I've Sunday-punched out of necessity.

So I said to him, "Lucky you work for the paper you can start scanning the want-ads now." He pretty much berated me for the next three minutes while I asked for his business card which he wouldn't give me. I sent a few more cheapshots his way and he continued to call me stupid for not taking the paper.

I know his first name and I could call the newspaper and make a complaint about the unprofessional behavior of their employee but to be honest what's the point? Only Grump and a handful of other Puget Sound area people actually read the P-I and his behavior, while unbelievably stupid, is predictable and normal among lefty Seattleites. I don't claim to be a victim any way...I meant to mess with him but before I could even get started he started insulting me because I told him I didn't take a newspaper. I was surprised at the level this guy was willing to escalate rhetoric (not to mention trying to physically intimidate me) when his job is to convince people to take a dying newspaper. Believe me when they print their last edition (which won't be too far into the future) I'll buy it and use it as toilet paper.

So there you have it. Some guy at the Seattle P-I thinks I'm ignorant because their useless newspaper doesn't land on my front porch every morning. Yeah, I'm the ignorant one.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Alec Baldwin's rant

Alec Baldwin calls his 11 or 12 year old daughter (apparently he wasn't sure which in the voicemail) and lets her have it. Apparently he has been trying to setup times to talk and she turns off her phone. He is pretty angry in the voice mail and does do some name calling (which made me feel uneasy) but more importantly he says he's going to fly out to where she is for the day to "straighten her out" which didn't sound violent at all but rather and angry parent wanting to do some parenting.

I know that he'll take a lot of crap for this angry call which was never meant for public consumption (after all, none of us are at our best when we're angry at family) but I'm glad he cares enough to do some parenting with some passion. He's a wealthy, famous celebrity who is divorced from his wealthy, famous, and hot ex-wife and is pissed when his kid doesn't show common courtesy and it hurts his feelings.

You'll probably never hear me defend Alec Baldwin again but I hope in this "everything is public" electronic age that this angry voicemail gone public doesn't stop Hollywood-types from straightening out their kids every once in awhile. Kids are stupid and they need it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Important Reminder for Ron Paul Supporters

I've received a few emails that have demonstrated some of the confusion related to Paul's candidacy. I saw an announcement on Ron Paul's website that echo this. I'll try to add some clarity.

If you wish to support Ron Paul in his campaign for president then YOU MUST DO THIS WITHIN THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY. I know many of you Libertarians are not used to primaries but you must understand that Ron Paul is running for the Republican nomination. This means you must support him now.

This may mean for some of you that you will need to vote in the Republican primary or (Like Me) attend a Republican caucus. This may mean finding out who the GOP presinct committee person is in your area and find out when or where your primary or caucus is. I know for myself attending a Republican caucus will not exactly be fun but I'm holding my nose and supporting the only candidate that supports liberty. So go be a lower-case L libertarian for an evening at your polling place or in the meeting place of your local caucus.

Ron has raised a great deal of money and has spoken in front of groups of hundreds at different campaign events in New Hampshire, Arizona and Iowa.

Personally I'm throwing my full support behind Ron Paul because he is far better than the current slate of candidates that are running on the LP ticket. My participation in the whole presidential contest will end when Ron Paul's candidacy ends. After that I'll probably write myself in.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Medicated Blog Post #5

I've never considered Imus shocking. He is sometimes provocative but he doesn't fall into the realm of shocking to me. Apparently the only thing that is fair game to make fun of are the sensibilities of evangelical Christians...mostly because the don't riot or sue.

Tree pollen sucks. I've got alder, birch, and some other tree behind my house just exploding pollen everywhere. I'm certain they're trying to kill me.

I was at a local store and I couldn't find the peanut butter. I eat peanut butter every morning. Turns out they keep it by the bread and jams. Makes sense as I look back on it.

Right now Grump is in Europe pissing off some gypsy. He'll come home with a curse...I'm sure of it. I hope it doesn't extend to me. This does remind me of a gypsy in France that I got on film while vacationing. I gave her some coins but in return she had to say, "I love America."

It's nice to see the different presidential candidates using Myspace like 14 year old girls. It's funny to see someone disclose that they're straight and looking to network with friends. It'd be funny to hack their profile and make Joe Biden bi-curious looking for love and more.

Canucks won game 1 of their playoff series with the Stars. I realize fully most of you don't care but the medicine compells me to inform you anyway.

I got my oil changed in my car...the attendant asked me if I wanted to use the same oil I used last time...I said, "No, I want new oil." He just looked at me with a blank stare.

I'm going to bed now.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter

I'm not going to church as I'm allergic to lillies. Somehow people think they're festive. They make me as sick as can be.

To all of my Orthodox friends (both Roman, and Eastern) I wish a Happy Easter. To all the Evangelicals I know that visit this blog I wish a Happy Resurrection Sunday.

To the rest of you, enjoy Sunday.


Monday, April 02, 2007

The Dumbass of Summer

In honor of opening day of baseball season I thought I'd share why Pete Rose deserves to be in the Hall of Fame...when they make a hall of fame for complete dumbasses.

Many people believe that Pete Rose should be in the baseball Hall of Fame but I couldn't disagree more. I've been told by people that the Hall of Fame is about what you do on the field, not off since there were plenty of bad guys in the Hall of Fame. I agree with this statement but there's one problem:

He bet on baseball.

Why is this a big deal? It's the ONLY rule you can break and be kicked out of the game. Ever since the 1919 World Series which resulted in eight players being banned from the game (remember Shoeless Joe Jackson and the movie Field of Dreams?) it has been against the rules to bet on baseball. In fact, posted on EVERY major league baseball clubhouse is a sign that explains what will happen if you bet on baseball.

The reason betting on baseball is wrong is that if someone in the game gets behind on gambling debts they can be forgiven a debt if they throw a game and give the person they owe a big pay off. It's easier to throw a game than it is to have your legs broken. The important part of the rule isn't just the betting, IT'S PRESERVING A FEELING THAT FANS OF THE GAME CAN BELIEVE THE OUTCOME IS REAL.

Everyone who plays baseball in the big leagues knows that betting on baseball will get your ass thrown out. Allow me to put it in better perspective.

Evidence came out that Pete Rose bet on baseball because he had a gambling habit that was in excess of $10,000 a day. He was suspended and came before the commissioner of baseball. At the meeting he denied betting on baseball. At this same meeting they had a sealed envelope of evidence...they told Pete they would either open it up and let the press see it or keep it sealed and he could agree to being banned from baseball with a chance to appeal in one year. Amazingly Pete who said he NEVER bet on baseball took the ban. His appeals since have not been heard because everyone knows he's a liar.

Pete continued to deny that he bet on baseball up until a few years ago but now says that he bet for his team rather than against it. Do I believe him? Actually I do but it doesn't matter to me and here is why:

Pete Rose bet on baseball at a time when baseball wasn't doing so well. This was before the park renovations and the revived interest in the game. Many articles in national sports magazines were talking about the passing of America's pastime. So at a time when baseball as a game was not doing well, Pete bets on the game. The very game that gave Pete Rose wealth was being repaid by his betting. When this came to light those in charge had no choice but to throw him out to keep their game legitimate. The banning of Pete Rose from baseball and its Hall of Fame sends a message to every current player of the game. In return fans are enjoying a resurgence in the game's popularity because they believe that the outcome is probably real. (For the Seattle Mariners real = bad)

When they open up the Complete Dumbass Hall of Fame (it'll probably be in Oregon somewhere) then I will support Pete Rose's induction on the first ballot.

Pete Rose - The Dumbass of Summer.