Saturday, December 29, 2007

Carnation Killer

Now on national news the awful murder of 6 that happened on Christmas Eve is being referred to as the Carnation Killings and the murderers as the Carnation Killers.

I grew up near Carnation and at one time my family's mailing address was in Carnation. I eventually went to high school there. I've never thought much of the town frankly but it didn't deserve this distinction.

One of my early memories was of a high school girl in the Carnation area being murdered and taken from the place she was babysitting. The guy that did it was a guy that my sister went to high school with and always described as kind of "weird and scary." I was always a bit more fearful of being in Carnation as a kid because I assumed it was completely lawless. Eventually in high school I had less fear and contributed to some degree with my own style of lawlessness.

Just thought I'd give another angle to this that you couldn't possibly read anywhere else.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Holiday Season Medicated Blogpost

I can't sleep...cold medicine does two things to me. Makes me too sleepy to be functional and too awake to get a rested sleep. My cold started when my family left on Christmas...I think my niece ended up getting me sick...not sure.

I watched the Charlie Brown Christmas special a few times (on DVD) and I think Charles Schultz took a swipe at psychiatry. Lucy wanted to label Charlie Brown's fears instead of help him with it. I've not really paid attention to that scene before.

Bhutto is dead and Pakistan is under a military dictator that possesses nuclear weapons...but at least they're our allies in the war on terror.

It snowed on Christmas Day here.

I saw a guy that looked like a guy who used to be on something that wasn't very popular and not a main character. Never make the mistake of trying to explain that to someone. If they're nice they'll humor you and try to figure out what you're saying when in fact you don't even know what you're saying...and if they're not nice, well...everyone knows where that goes.

My dad got pissed at me one time because my socks were all messed up. He told me when I get new socks I should always wear each one on the same foot...essentially making a left footed sock and a right footed sock. This way they'd retain the same shape and fit better. I had this practice for a long time and my ex-wife mocked me endlessly about it. Last year I stopped the practice because I thought it was silly and then saw that my socks were really messed up about two months ago I started again. This time I took a brand new package of socks and marked them with an "L" and an "R" to get them straight. Before I used to just eyeball them and always thought I knew which was which but I've come to find out that I probably was always doing it wrong. If I try to figure it out by looking without looking at the laundry pen marked letter...I'm wrong more than 50% of the time. I actually used to get frustrated that my socks were not matched properly and in reality they probably were. This no doubt contributed to a failed marriage...that...and that guy she was dating while we were married.

I'm going back to bed now.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Meaningless issues

While your dollar is tanking and our federal bankers in China continue to bankroll a war almost no one wants us in anymore, these are the issues that we're supposed to be concerned about:

Mitt Romney is Mormon. (confirmed)

Hillary is a woman. (allegedly)

Mike Huckabee doesn't have a theology degree. (confirmed)

John McCain has a bad temper. (allegedly)

Barak Obama is black. (This is mostly confirmed)

Rudy Guliani likes to fool around. (confirmed)

John Edwards pays alot of money for haircuts. (confirmed)

Dennis Kucinich saw a UFO. (confirmed)

Fred Thompson... nevermind...nobody cares.

Will Ron Paul run 3rd party?

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Questions, questions.

I get a great deal of email and I respond to most of it but some of it I don't get to. In this post I'll try to answer questions asked and leave many of them without sufficient context.

Q: Did you see the girl buttrocket video I sent?

A: These videos never cease to make me laugh. The best part is where they're so surprised at the discomfort from the wick sparks...then the rocket fires and you wonder how much burnt hair and time spent explaining to an emergency room nurse followed.

Q: Do you think it was necessary for Romney to explain the role of his faith?

A: Only if he wants to be elected, otherwise no.

Q: How is your book coming along?

A: Work on the book is at a complete stop. Honestly I went to no less than 5 funerals since May...I've been writing but nothing that belongs in a light-hearted book. Sorry, I just haven't been ready yet.

Q: Where did you travel for Thanksgiving? Did you fly?

A: Spokane, Washington. No.

Q: You should do a post on police tazering.

A: I'm enraged everytime I see a person tasered because they didn't sign a traffic ticket or didn't calm down when a policeman is screaming at them to CALM DOWN and the only person in the video that isn't calm is the cop. I have a sad feeling that these types of documented incidents are going to lead to cops getting hurt or worse.

Q: What do you think will happen with the Ron Paul Revolution after 2008 has gone and someone else is president?

A: That's an excellent question. I see it breaking off in a few different directions. I see the Libertarian Party getting back the strength it had about 25 years ago. I see a more bold anti-establishment neo-anarchism coming. I see most of the people just dropping out again and staying cynical. As for me...not much will change...I've been writing about Ron Paul on my blog since it started three years ago...I'm the trend setter here.

Q: Got any plans for the holidays?

A: Trying to keep my family from being a huge source of disappointment.

New post coming soon!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Okay, I get it now

I always wondered why so many Americans seem off the deep end about world politics and the environment but I get it now. I saw ABC News on television this weekend. You have to understand that in general I haven't watched network news on television in perhaps about 7 or 8 years.

ABC News did a story about how global warming (of which the United States is the greatest contributor to) will find itself drawn into international wars because of lack of normal rainfall in areas of the world map where warlords will take over.

Also, because of global warming, there will be great loss of life and unrest in places like Bangladesh which reportedly has a population half of the United States neatly packaged in a country the size of Iowa.

You don't have to know a great deal about history to know this exaggerated report is wrong. All you really need is a memory. Back in 1972, former Beatle guitarist George Harrison held a benefit concert for Bangladesh.

Bangladesh was a country just ravished by a Typhoon that made what happened in New Orleans look like what happens in a public restroom when the toilet is clogged from a homeless person that ate too much beef and cheese at the shelter.

What is astounding to me is that in my short lifetime Bangladesh has been overrun by flooding at least twice killing about a half-million people. George Harrison's concert for Bangladesh was going on while ecologists were still promising us another ice age because we used aerosol deodorant. I'm not joking.

Bangladesh came about in 1947 after being neglected by both India and West Pakistan. Before being given the name of Bangladesh it was always called "Ya know that crappy place down south where it always floods?"

I doubt global warming has much to do with the problems of Bangladesh and I doubt the United States needs to send troops to places in the world that have an occasional drought... like say... Ethiopia where the people have only known global warming their whole existence.

So I get it now. Most of you are misinformed and have weird ideas about global politics because you watch ABC News. I can only wonder what they'll be reporting when I tune-in again in another 8 years.