Friday, March 10, 2006

Whatever you do, don't blush!

I will tell you two stories about how I said something I thought was funny and instead of spawning laughter, my comment brought on a blank stare and a red face.

Story number one begins here: I worked in the gaming industry for years. During one lowpoint (as jobs were scarce) I was a lead for a group of testers that tested XBox games. It was sometimes a fun job and sometimes I just wanted to urinate on the floor to entertain myself. One of my testers was playing an action adventure game and he set down his controller and said, "Oh man they got me!" I looked over and wondered what happened. Then he said, "I had five guys on me at once." I replied, "That must be a dream come true for you." Everyone laughed...he blushed.

Story number two begins here: At a bakery it took a long time for the guy behind the counter to acknowledge that I was standing at the counter awhile. He finally asked, "Anything look good to you?" I replied, "I was just admiring your buns." I'm looking down at the sticky buns along the display counter. The guy behind me laughs...the baker blushes.

Don't blush! Please just laugh it off so we're not all left wondering what you're thinking. We don't want to know.


Robert the Grump said...

I find it interesting that all of your jokes have a gay component.

I'm not sure what it means, but I hope your closet is a roomy walk-in.

Tracy said...

Are you trying to come on to me?