Wednesday, April 12, 2006

You say Illegal Immigration, I say Social Security solution

Apparently we're too chicken to reform Social Security.

I sat in my own Congressman's office and discussed the matter while he and his Sr. Congressional Aide hemmed and hawed. Well here is a way to help the failing Social Security system that even my chicken congressman can get on-board with.

The problem with Social Security is in that it is a pay-as-you-go system. The first ones into the system paid next to nothing but got the full benefit. Everyone afterward pays more and gets about a 1:1 ratio in return. In the future recipients will benefit even less. Basically it's a government operated pyramid scheme.

The Baby Boomers generation is far too large to receive benefits from the rest of us because frankly they outnumber us. Too few of us to pay for too many of them means a financial problem that even Bush can predict.

So how can we fix this problem? If only we could artificially increase the number of younger workers in our population to help even out the disparity in the size of our respective generations.

If only there were people just streaming over our borders willing to work and could be eligible candidates to help pay into the Social Security system.

If only that could ever happen. (wink wink)


Esther said...

That's a pretty good solution to the problem.

Also, "Social Security is a government operated pyramid scheme" is one of the most brilliant lines I've heard in a while.

Tracy said...

The funniest suggestion I've heard is to also give them a driver's license with the words "Okay to beat" stamped on them.

An ugly suggestion, but somehow pretty funny too.