Friday, December 01, 2006

Big Breasted Women

Before I get to the part about big breasted women let me start by saying that regarding the 2006 election: You're all so dumb.

You all want the troops out of Iraq as do I but you voted for a party that won't do it. I'm here to tell you that the troops will not be leaving Iraq and it's actually quite possible that more will be deployed there. That is reason number one why you're all dumb.

Reason number two is that I kept telling you that neither party would address the problem of monetary policy in this nation and now yesterday it was reported that the American Dollar is at its weakest point in decades. Do you hear anybody in Congress or any of your newly elected chumps even talking about this?

As I type this the money in your wallets and bank accounts is becoming increasingly worthless because our government has to print more and more of it to pay for boondoggles, failed social programs, mismanaged wars, No Child Left Behind, and bridges to nowhere.

Only our policy of selling off our surplus Federal Reserve Dollars to countries like China who voluntarily devalue their own currency for trade favors with us has kept our worthless currency's head above water.

Our only hope right now is that the two parties in a divided government will not get along to the point where gridlock slows the spending.

As for Big Breasted Women? -- Yeah, they're really great. I had to give this post an intriguing title because there is no better way to get people to head to another site than to talk about monetary policies.


robert the grump said...

Welcome to America, Macacca.

little-cicero said...

Title got my attention, but pictures would be nice as well. You might put Jessica Simpson's picture up next to Paris Hilton with a caption showing the former to symbolize the Euro and the latter to symbolize the Dollar.

Tracy said...

LC? - and which one of those would be experiencing inflation? Finally an instance where inflation isn't such a bad thing.


little-cicero said...

HA! Well, now tha Paris wants to have five babies, I guess she'll be experiencing some inflation (I hate the fact that I'm aware of all these celeb pop culture tidbits).