Saturday, May 22, 2010

Congrats Mr. President

Your pledge to end the war in Iraq and bring 2 brigades of soldiers home each month until they were all home in 16 months was pretty much what I thought it was. You've been president 16 months now and every soldier removed from Iraq thus far has stayed in the region and replaced with more expensive military mercenaries contractors.

For every soldier that stays in the region we make five more enemies.

For every dollar of national defense spent overseas we weaken our overall defense and make Americans less safe.

Would've been nice if the "Hope" and "Change" we were promised meant a more reasonable foreign policy and not just tweaking the failed policies of Bush.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Turns out all cops aren’t heroes [UPDATED]

This area has seen some deaths among police officers and our whole region has been just worshiping these brave public servants. After all, whenever a police man is killed in the line of duty, it's never a bad cop that gets killed. It's always the mothers and fathers who were loved and respected in their community. Somehow the bad cops disappear or the media temporarily convinces everyone that they never really existed in the first place.

So now in Seattle, a freelance videographer, may have accidently discovered some bad cops. Watch it here.

I have no doubts that these officers have family too. I’m sure they have neighbors and friends who can claim that these public servants are upstanding citizens. These are the very cops our community would honor if they were hurt or killed while on duty.

I hope every one of these Costume Wearing City Sanctioned Thugs spends a great deal of time in jail for what they did to this person. I hope any officer who was close to this incident and didn’t try to stop this goes to jail too. These are the very people our community needs protection from. They are not heroes, they are criminals.

[UPDATE] The primary thug has now held a press conference (See here) and apologized for the racially insensitive remarks he made while he and his badged gang of heroes kicked the innocent latino while he was on the ground. Funny he never apologized for the assault which will hopefully put him in a cell of his own. I'm sure the apology has smoothed things over...I mean how can you not forgive people for calling you racially insenstive names while they're kicking you while you lay face down on a sidewalk?

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Stop inviting me to your Tea Party

I’ve always believed that if you say no often enough to party invitations, then people will eventually stop inviting you. I’m not a person who likes parties and the Tea Party is no exception. Yet people still invite me.

I’m not coming to your Tea Party. Why you ask?

  1. You’re intellectually dishonest about taxation and spending
  2. You’re not sufficiently anti-war
  3. You’re not serious about deficits
  4. You’re mostly just Republicans
  5. Some of you are disenchanted lefties with no friends

Like the guy who was the fan of the unsigned band that suddenly became popular, I was against spending before being a deficit hawk was popular. I was for civil liberties way before anyone was mad that they’d be forced to purchase medical insurance. I don’t own freedom’s greatest hits album…I have the original on 8-track and still listen to it from time-to-time. You guys are posers.

So please…stop inviting me to your party. I’m not coming.