Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Some updates

My profile describes me as a libertarian with two cats. I'd like to take a moment to correct this description. I'm still a libertarian but now I have one cat.

My grey cat Grizzie was tragically killed by a Coyote in the greenbelt behind my house. This is the same greenbelt that caught my fall from the retaining wall in the previous post. My other cat Chesty doesn't seem to miss Grizzy one bit as he never really liked her. His peeing in the kitchen seemed to stop for awhile though he did crap on the floor of my upstairs loft last night...so who knows.

On the subject of my back I'd like to update everyone and announce that I'm able to stand up straight now but it's very painful if I've been sitting for more than an hour.

The trade deficit was at its highest for last month primarily because of oil. Remember that it is THIS deficit which actually impacts our overall federal receipts, not your income tax. If this deficit continues you could NEVER be taxed enough to balance the budget...remember that.

I got my ballot in the mail for the primary elections and some judges. I resent having my taxes pay for the primary elections of two parties I don't belong to. Libertarians handle their primaries using conventions. We don't ask others to pay the cost of us deciding who OUR candidate should be. I didn't care that much about the judges so I threw the ballot away. (after shredding it so Grump won't snatch it out of my trash and vote for some Communist judge)

Also, I can't wait until George W. Bush is no longer our president. Now that's an update.


Scott said...

Agreed. I can't wait for Bush to be out though I have no clue who the (D) and (R) teams will push to get in.

The good nows is the Libertarians have shifted from the petty member gathering process to the more effective campaign and candidate training process (go figure).

Actually, the good news is that using the new methods of campaigning Bruce has broken several records in the history of (L) candidates of Wash.

SO I am excited.

I hope your back is good enough to come to the Guthrie Movie night this Wednesday Sept 20th.

Best Wishes,

PS, could you delete the first of my double posts. The one with the mispelling in it 'netter'


Tracy said...

You're right about that. The member gathering was lame but it did work within the more strict rules that the party had kept in place for so many years. But it doesn't work that well if your "party" is just a small mutual admiration society that never bothers to elect people.

Movie night sounds fun!