Friday, July 21, 2006

Bush finally learns to spell VETO

Without a doubt George W. Bush is the WORST president in my lifetime. I never thought anyone would top LBJ but Dubya has managed to do it. This proves that Texas should never be allowed to run anyone for president ever again. I realize fully that would also exclude Ron Paul from another candidacy but I would probably gather a scientific team to clone Congressman Paul and move his clone to another state. Then I would support a Ron Paul's Clone for President campaign in the future...but anyway.....

With the absolute rubbish that has been signed into law including unprecedented spending it amazes me that on the subject of Stem Cell research he has finally found the peaches to veto a bill...a bill that will probably see an override.

I won't blame Republicans for this...while 52% of you voted for Bush out there...several other millions voted for Kerry or even worse...Gore. Shame on all of you for giving this country the electoral equivalence to Dumb and Dumber.

In the last 16 years the Whitehouse has been filled with disappointing figures. I can hardly wait to see which chump most of you out there elect in 2008 thinking very much will change.


little-cicero said...

What say you to Mike Pence? How about my man Haley Barbour, or my other man Newt Gingrich?

Gino said...

this veto is a good thing, and any passage of embryonic stem cell research funding is based on lies and frauds. (besides the basic premise of mine that even if it were a good thing, it is still beyond the proper function of good governance.)
i just wish he would have found several other things to veto before this.

i want ronald reagan back.

Tracy said...

You Conservatives do amaze me.

Mike Pence is a classic and well-spoken conservative who I admire though grandstands on hot potato issues that mean nothing like Flag Burning, Pledge Protection, and Defense of Traditional marriage. He would not likely get my vote.

I didn't like Mr. Barbour much when he was head of the RNC. You can thank him for the takeover of big government neo-cons that started when he was in charge of recruiting candidates for his 'big tent.' Congratulation have a big useless tent.

Newt? C'mon.

I'm amazed that you Republicans want to jump on the bandwagon of a conservative so much but end up bypassing the heart of every issue regarding good government.

Your party runs a candidate every year to challenge your only congressmen that follows the constitution. It's actually the support of Libertarians all over the country that keep Ron Paul in office against Republican opposition. Your party has lost its soul.

little-cicero said...

I mostly agree- but Mike Pence is a real conservative. He's been active on illegal immigration and the deficit. He's certainly more conservative than the likely candidates Giuliani, McCain and Romney. You have made me think twice about my other two candidates, but if the Republicans don't win 08, I think Pence would be perfectly experienced for 12. It would help if he took a leadership position such as that which was offered to him last year, but...

little-cicero said...

By the way, our current predicament is the fault of the Libertarians. Why didn't you freeze Goldwater after his defeat so we could thaw him today and put him up in '08?

Tracy said...

I'm sure we probably had the money to freeze Goldwater but we spent it in lawsuits with Republicans and Democrats to gain ballot access in all 50 states. I'm sure we could've managed to freeze Scoop Jackson as well but instead we bought punch and cookies for our convention.

little-cicero said...

Punch and Cookies! HA!

You must have gotten to like the stuff after going to the bloodbank for funds! Maybe that's why you all fainted after he lost!

Gino said...

not to shill for the GOP, or anything else that passes for modern day conservatism (it's neither modern, nor conservative) i just cant join the Liberatrian party because they are just obsessed with legalizing pot.

like the neo-cons have hijacked the GOP, cheech and chong and hijacked the Libertarians.

i'll stay party-less, it appears, for a very long time.

Tracy said...

As for obsession about issues you must take a step back and remember how things work politically.

Pot legalization is important to some Libertarians but it only gets prominence in the platform or among candidates because it is a 'wedge' issue.

To Libertarians it sounds like Republicans are obsessed with amending the constitution to protect marriage...but polls don't support it obsession? it's rallying a base and putting out a wedge.

Libertarians are obsessed with liberty. You don't hear me going on and on about pot do you?

Gino said...

point taken.
no, tracy.
not you, or this guy at (see clarke)
he's a good bud of mine i've known for years.
he was active in the LP of IL until recently. so, yes, i do know good solid true-minded Libertarians. he got fed up with all the cheeches and chongs that have taken over his party.

libertarianism only works if accompanied by a spirit of self-accountability. i have yet to see that spirit in most of the Libertarians who claim the name.
they'll have a spirited discussion about the merits of legalizing pot (of which i'm mostly on board with anyway), but havent enough brain cells left to discuss what the nation's role in the world should be libertarian-wise, or the depth to defend free market capitalism.
or maybe its just the LP in CA and IL that has this problem.

i see them as more the Libertine party than Libertarian.

i may have stated before, i was once a GOP activist. (i left the party in 98.)i attended dozens of candidate forums, and helped organize a few. i could always pick the Libertarian candidate without an intro. he was the poindexter/over acheiver/nerdly with the pocket protector and tie; or the pony-tail guy.

it was fun, and got to be a game. i would look at the list of expected names, and intro myself, saying "welcome mr _ _ _" without him having to tell me who he was.

Tracy said...

Your assessment of the LP is funny and accurate sometimes. I've said it's the only place where after a national candidate is nominated that you find a CEO in a tie high-fiving a burn-out hippy.

I find that in general the candidates understand liberty and understand that you must give it to others before you can expect it for yourself...though there are some one-issue libertarians but they're no less annoying than say the Anti-abortion lobby...or the Environmentalist Whacko movement...

Overall the LP is more intellectually honest...and therefore perrenial losers in elections.

Gino said...

i'm part of the anti-abortion lobby.
i am also annoying.
just coincidence.

unfortunatly, so many prolifers cannot make the case without a bible, while i can refute them using the same bible.

confession: i almost joined the LP when i left the GOP. but i couldnt bring myself to officially register as part of group that didnt respect the liberty of those inconvenient, unseen persons who couldnt be heard.
(i cut my political teeth in the prolife movement, as a non christian. talk about being lonely among 'friends'LOL)

Tracy said...

I don't agree with everything that many LP'ers have in the platform. You'd be surprised that overall the LP is kind of divided on the issue of abortion...not too unlike the GOP.

My view is that when the culture of politics changes so that parties will argue how low to cut taxes instead of whether or not to...then I'll be glad to debate these issues.

There are very sound and rational arguments for the abolotion of abortion that are not rooted in Scripture and it's too bad they are often ignored and left out of the debate.

Gino said...

the prolife LPers are the only ones who are making the case in a logical consistent manner.
scripture is a non starter for me, on any topic of debate, unless, of course, i'm debating a fundementalist.