Monday, June 26, 2006

Schizo Society

A social observation that simply needs to be made.

I've sat and watched over a period of nearly a couple of years as young people have experienced the early demise of friends through the irresponsible use of drugs and alcohol and the whole party lifestyle.

I've followed closely in particular those who consider themselves to be close to my niece's husband who was the victim of a hit and run where the driver was under at least some influence of alcohol and on his way to score some meth for his exciting sleepless weekend. So many close to the situation resented the driver for the heinous crime that he committed, leaving a man for dead on the side of the road.

What has floored me is that these same people who resent this man so much would've probably found themselves in the same circle, or at the same parties if only he hadn't killed their friend. I've looked at their myspace accounts and read in the weeks that followed Jon's death their discussions about their way cool, out of control, party lifestyle.

So Schizo are these people that they cry and curse the driver for being such a POS, and then only a day following an emotional and heartwrenching memorial tribute to their friend they talk about being under the influence of the same substances as the driver...the man they now hate.

The words of King Solomon reflect what these people are all about:

"Like a dog that returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly."

I believe it is me that truly needs to accept the fact that my life's mission is to help people and sometimes it involves helping dumbasses.

Back to more Bush bashing soon, I promise.


Esther said...

I know what you mean. My work is rather flooded with people affected by the consequences of that party lifestyle (a center that treats people for chemical dependency). It's scary and sad. I just can't believe some of the things people have done to themselves all for a little fun.

little-cicero said...

The prioritization of joint goals of pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of pain will be the downfall of humanity. It causes more suffering than anything else I can think of. In concentrating on helping your family you are doing just the opposite: you are placing yourself in a painful situation for the sake of the long term well being of your loved ones. Every person on this earth should have someone in their life that's willing to do so. God bless.

Oh, and don't go back to Bush bashing without a little Dem-bashing to go with it. :)

little-cicero said...

If you have time, I've had a couple of posts on my political spectrum that I was hoping for some libertarian perspective on. You might also look over my recent post on liberty.

Gino said...

this brings to memory a rather sad story:
my uncle was a heavy drinker,chain smoker and a vociferous eater. suffering from severe heart problems he found himself in the hosptital, literally knocking on death's door.

after a few days, he was given a room mate: early 20-something with a lean athletic,muscular build, who had OD'd on something or another suffering from some sort of brain damage that left him vegatative.

my uncle, who was literate in greek philosphy,theology, classical music, other deep stuff, asked the doctor, half jokingly, if it was possible to switch minds and bodies with his roommate.

he also suggested that he and jeffrey go 'on tour' together to all the schools to show the kids what happens when you only take care of half of what you were given.

my uncle,age 51, died three days later, and ealier that day jeffrey was sent to a hospice to spend his remaining life staring at a balloon.

little-cicero said...

That really is a touching story. Do you mind if I edit and post it in a couple of weeks?

Gino said...

sure cicero.
feel free to use it, but send me a link so i can read it when you get it up.

i was close to my uncle(he had no kids of his own).
the situation with jeffery really bothered him. he was puzzled why somebody would do such a thing when he had so much going on.