Thursday, January 28, 2010

Negative interest rates are coming

Logically it had to happen right? Artificially low interest rates are to stimulate the economy, but you can only hold them at zero for so long before people are already tired of hearing about a "jobless recovery". So how does negative interest rates work? The Federal Reserve in its wisdom will actually charge member banks for holding onto money. This will force them to lend at a time when the public isn't looking to borrow.

Didn't we just go through this? How are the banks going to lend money if no one is lining up for the loans? And how are they going to do it without being accused of predatory lending practices?

You may not know the economic term now, but if you watch the news over the next year you'll becomes familiar with it: Moral Hazard

Oh and one more charming thought...if you're on Social Security or another style of fixed will become poorer this year while simply trying to tread water. This is how your benevolent overlords in Washington watch out for you. They dare not tax you during these economic woes, so instead they rob the value of the money you hold in your purse, wallet, or mattress.

Shame on this government, both Republicans and Democrats. A pox on both of their houses.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I got a radar detector for Christmas

I couldn't be happier with it.

I'm not a particularly fast driver. Many in my family say I drive too slowly, but I do drive alot of country back roads that have become aggressively enforced over the last year. With the dip in economy and the loss of revenue to local governments...apparently traffic safety has never been more important...and profitable.

I've seen on county roads motorcycle police standing in the middle of the road with a radar gun with chase cars on the radio nearby to pull over cars that come down a hill too fast. I figured I may as well even the score and just be warned of speed traps before I come up on them. I don't know if it has saved me from a ticket thus far but I have successfully been warned of law enforcement well before I could've seen them with the naked eye. This happens on a daily basis.

One thing that has surprised me is that I've come to find out there are more speed traps than I was ever aware of. Now when I see certain bands of radar being detected I look all around trying to find them. I've found them in places I pass by all the time, but they were hidden away unknown to me. It's become a game of "find the cop".

I think cars should come standard with them frankly (yes, I'm aware that they are illegal in Virginia and the District of Columbia) as they make you more aware of your speed. It could be argued that I drive closer to the speed limit now as I have a constant reminer of potential enforcement right there on the dash.

It has become little more than a game in the car than it has been getting away with anything, but I am enjoying it. If you've considered getting one I would recommend it. I may write more later on which model I'm using if anyone shows any interest.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Get ready for more 'change'

A vote for change in Massachusetts would've been to elect Joseph Kennedy (I) rather than simply electing another neo-con to the US Senate. Oh, I know...some of you are so happy that Ted Kennedy's seat didn't go to another self-anointed Democrat. Part of me is glad too...but in the end, more war, more deficits, more foreign intervention will now be the believed mandate from "the people's seat" of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

God help this country.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Finally someone gets respectful treatment from a police officer despite aggressively resisting arrest.

Apparently a North Charleston woman had too much to drink and was caught doing 65 in a 40mph zone.  After a short chase she finally pulled over.  She mouthed off to the officers and even physically resisted arrest.  There was a scuffle that caused her to have a bloody lip but she was never tazed, beaten or threatened with a firearm.  Eventually charges were dropped and she was allowed to go home.  This woman's encounter with police is an example of how there are some cops out there that aren't interested in having a power trip in every encounter with the public.

Oh, did I mention the person they pulled over was an off-duty police officer?   That couldn't have had anything to do with it...could it?

You decide.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Police worship

I wrote last year about how the actions of rogue cops would end up eventually killing good cops. It's not been a good time to revisit this topic as in the Puget Sound area we're growing tired of all-day televised police funerals. One is being held again today, this time in the Tacoma Dome and will be attended by thousands.

In this area people are worshipping the police as "heroes who keep us safe" even though the courts have repeatedly held that it is not the job of the police to keep any individual free of harm. So while we mourn, we also rightfully pour money in to help the family(ies) left behind, usually with small children, any criticm of police is well...sort of poorly played.

I wish there was similar public support behind the victims of local police like Christopher Harris.