Thursday, September 21, 2006


I know that both the left and whacko right are represented by poster on this blog. I need input from you on all sides of this issue.

I don't expect necessarily any of you to agree with my position on ending the prohibition on 'controlled substances' but can there be any reasonable middle ground.

Let me submit a recent example covered by Reuters

ATLANTA (Reuters) - A U.S. woman held in jail for seven months longer than her original sentence because she was too poor to pay a $705 fine was freed on Wednesday, her attorney said.

Ora Lee Hurley was ordered to pay the fine and sentenced in August 2005 to 120 days in jail after she was convicted in Georgia of possession of cocaine for personal use and breaking the terms of probation for a similar offense 15 years before.

Can someone please tell me why any amount of jail time is reasonable for someone convicted of having a controlled substance for personal use.

I don't want to make this discussion about drug legalization because sadly that's not a reality in this country. Instead from both left and right, please tell me what the role of government force should be for someone like Ora Lee Hurley.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Constitution

On September 17, 1787 the Constitution became the law of our land. Its purpose was to enumerate the powers of the federal government in hopes of limiting its size and scope on the citizenry while protecting each state equally.

In my powder room (a fancy name for a half-bath) I have a framed copy of the Constitution above my toilet. Here are the jokes I submit my house guests to when they use my bathroom:

"If you look closely the preamble reads: We We the People."

"That's where I have my daily constitution."

"If you're a Republican or Democrat please use the toilet paper provided and not wipe your butt with the constitution."

I'm pretty proud of my bathroom because it looks pretty cool. It is the only finished room in the whole house.

Happy Birthday Constitution...sorry I didn't get you anything.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Some updates

My profile describes me as a libertarian with two cats. I'd like to take a moment to correct this description. I'm still a libertarian but now I have one cat.

My grey cat Grizzie was tragically killed by a Coyote in the greenbelt behind my house. This is the same greenbelt that caught my fall from the retaining wall in the previous post. My other cat Chesty doesn't seem to miss Grizzy one bit as he never really liked her. His peeing in the kitchen seemed to stop for awhile though he did crap on the floor of my upstairs loft last who knows.

On the subject of my back I'd like to update everyone and announce that I'm able to stand up straight now but it's very painful if I've been sitting for more than an hour.

The trade deficit was at its highest for last month primarily because of oil. Remember that it is THIS deficit which actually impacts our overall federal receipts, not your income tax. If this deficit continues you could NEVER be taxed enough to balance the budget...remember that.

I got my ballot in the mail for the primary elections and some judges. I resent having my taxes pay for the primary elections of two parties I don't belong to. Libertarians handle their primaries using conventions. We don't ask others to pay the cost of us deciding who OUR candidate should be. I didn't care that much about the judges so I threw the ballot away. (after shredding it so Grump won't snatch it out of my trash and vote for some Communist judge)

Also, I can't wait until George W. Bush is no longer our president. Now that's an update.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

If I was a dinosaur...

...I'd be a Mybackisaurus.

Walking on my backyard retaining wall I maneuvered around my deck (which I've done dozens of times). To steady myself I held onto one of the vertical rails only this time the rail I used for support came off in my hand.

I fell backwards about 5 feet down and landed on my back. Don't be alarmed though, my fall was cushioned by blackberry bushes.

My back now feels like I carried Oprah up twenty flights of stairs then set her down only to put on a shirt that had five fighting cats in it.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Seattle Liberals

I was told from another reader that a person who read this blog didn't find my last post that entertaining as he doesn't like "Bush Supporters."

You see this genius is a Seattle liberal so when he saw that I wrote about having "an opposing view" it simply would occur to him that I must be a Republican and therefore a Bush supporter.

It's barely worth wasting any breath to Seattle libs about it but I like educating people around the country about what the average Seattle Democrat is like. It didn't used to be like this...hell Scoop Jackson was from this state but you can't find any Democrats now that even knows who Scoop was...or they think he was a Republican. (Since he's the godfather of the Neo-Cons he sorta was...but anyway)

So genius, I'm not a Bush supporter, I'm not a Republican and I'm not a conservative but I STILL think you Seattle liberals are morons. I know you probably think a Libertarian is the lady that helps you find copies of the Communist Manifesto at the King County Library but you'd be wrong...but being wrong is a full-time job for you.