Thursday, March 02, 2006

Harry Browne

Harry Browne died today.

Who is Harry Browne? Harry ran for president on the Libertarian ticket in both 1996 and 2000. He earned 485,798 vote in 1996 and was first candidate I was actually excited to cast a vote for. I knew he would lose but it didn't matter to me one iota. I appreciated voting for someone that saw the potential in our country that was untapped and restrained by legislative creep. In 2000 when the rest of you were trying to choose between Dumb and Dumber (Bush/Gore) I felt at ease voting for the guy both of them refused to debate in Boston. Most forget that the Libertarian party had 'major' party status in Massachusetts and by state law was to be included in all partisan debates. The debate went on despite a judge affirming his right to be included.

I met Harry when he visited in Seattle during the 2000 campaign and he was a very polished public speaker. I still have a copy of his book Why Government Doesn't Work and a video file of one of his TV ads that I donated to get on the air.

America lost a great man today.

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Esther said...

It may surprise you, but I actually know who Harry Browne is, or was. I read up on some of his ideas back in 2000. That's sad that he died. I'm sorry.