Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Immigrant Hero? Wrong again liberal media!

In Arlington Virginia Jaimen Ortiz rescued a toddler who fell from a second story window. MSNBC's article reports that Ortiz "hopped a fence and ran to the apartment building....put out his arms and caught her cleanly, perhaps saving her life..."

As you can see this man who is reported to be from Guatamala is probably used to hopping fences. So the media portrays him as a hero even though he has not bothered to learn English as the article continues, "If I had delayed one more second, she would have fallen to the ground," Ortiz said through a Spanish interpreter..."

How long will this country and the liberal media continue to portray Illegals such as Jaimen Ortiz as heroes while they continue to hop fences and thumb their nose at the beloved language of our nation?

Mr. Ortiz needs to be deported as he is obviously ruining our country.


Esther said...

You have such a way with words, Tracy. That post is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on that one! Mr. (or Senor) Ortiz should have done nothing and let that kid die just like our glorious President Bush sits around and does nothing while hundreds of thousands of folks die! Those liberal jackasses are to blame somehow....I just know it! Remember back when Kerry ran for office and suggested that the army needed to increase its numbers by 40,000 and Bush said it would weaken our nation's strength? And now this week Bush himself says we need to increase our troops by 40,000? Screw those damned liberals and their "fortune telling" ways! Those flip-floppers must be led by Satan if they can see the future so clearly!!!

Tracy said...

Let's not get carried away general liberals are morons...When it comes to the American political scope you must remember that the Right is often Wrong, but the Left is usually merely dumb.

In Dubya's case he transcends the entire political landscape by being both dumb and wrong.

robert the grump said...

Hawlp me, Jon Carey, Tracy says that Liberalz are stoopid!!

In defense of Dubya (and defending him brings bile into my mouth) he is not as big of a dick on illegal immigrants as the rest of his party. For once, he's only a small part of the problem.

The rest of the Republicans hate all illegal immigrants, except for Esmeralda, their nanny and Jose the gardener, who does the lawn for half the price of those greedy bastards with green cards.

In doing so, Republicans have mastered the art of hypocrisy. Like Mark Foley, who championed a law to crush perverts who use the internet to stalk victims...right before he used the internet to stalk his victims.

Dubya, on the other hand, reminds me of the Fonz. No, stay with me here...when the Fonz was wrong and he couldn't say it. "I was wrrrr...wrrrr..."

In fact, he's exactly like the Fonz, only taller and not nearly as cool, plus he sends your children to die for nothing rather than admit his strategy is deeply flawed and the execution is completely incompetent. "I thought we were winning in Iraq, but I was wrrrr...wrrrr...."