Friday, October 31, 2008

Gonna ramble a bit...hang on

The election nears and am I glad. It will soon be over. It's been a good election process from my standpoint as the cause of liberty has moved forward a great deal. To what benefit I have no idea. The outcome of the general election does not concern me in the least. So everyone get out there and get your ballot cast and embrace the change you've all been clammering for. I'll be here when you realize nothing has really changed all that much.

I went into downtown Seattle with Mr. Evil last week and saw a rockin' show at a craphole club. Edguy (from Germany) and Kamelot (Florida meets Norway) played a great show and it was really cool to get out and hear talented musicians.

I've been a writing fool lately too which has contributed to the lack of blogging this week. Robert the Grump and I have been tossing around book ideas as well...we toss around ideas all day...most of which may possibly land us in jail.

Tonight I'm manning the door and welcoming Trick or Treaters. I'm expecting 60+ little grubbers and I have an assortment of awesome candy...and crap candy of course.

The producer of the Dave and Steve has been in contact with Pat Cashman (Almost Live, Taco Time, Commercial voice extraordinaire) for an intereview. We'll be messing with him in a couple of weeks.

There's been more, but that's all I'm going to bore you with. I'll leave you with a Halloween Haiku.

Nice Hobo Costume
Where did you purchase that one?
At the retard store?


Mr. Evil said...

I am glad the election will be over soon as well. I can't wait to celebrate the end of that worthless cunt Christine I suck ass Gregiore. If she gets reelected that will be the end of Washington State. It will officially be the worst place in the world to live with the dumbest democrats on the earth.

We can also start to prepare for having Joe Biden as President. It will be interesting to see if he can make the country better.

Edguy and Kamelot were so fucking awesome. I would pay to see them again tonight even if they were playing the exact same set list. Good music is so hard to find these days.

Trick or treaters are worthless. Who the hell has the energy to get up and answer the door 60 times? I will leave the lights off and ignore them.

Pat Cashman is cool. I wish he was running for Governor. He would have my vote.

berburbaby said...

Is he the one in the cactus?

robert the grump said...

Giving out candy for Halloween is a socialist method of redistributing wealth. And candy is more valuable than the dollar, these days.

I hope that no one shows up at my door dressed as a hobo or gypsy. I might have a flashback from my European travels. I'd hate to slap a little kid around just because Mom and Dad have bad taste.

lynda said...

kamelot! tracy wants to have your baby!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Evil how do you really feel about the governor?

Mr. Evil said...

I would like to see her head cut off and someone puke into her dead skull. She should be tied to a pick up truck and dragged across the state on all the bad roads she has not fixed. I could go on and on and on.