Sunday, October 05, 2008

More Obama Cult

This video is not a new video and apparently was part of a program at the Urban Community Leadership Academy in Missouri. The school stopped this program because after reviewing it they were a little concerned the director was pushing a political agenda.

Personally I reject all the obvious comparisons to Hitler Youth that will come up as a result of it. It has a militant vibe but doesn't really seem that dangerous upon my first viewing. I can barely understand what they're saying mostly because I'm not from their region of the country and teenage boys tend to mush their words together...perhaps they should aspire to anunciate.

Some of what I'm hearing from them in this video sounds like the right kind of things you'd want to hear out of any youth but for maybe the wrong reasons. I hope if Obama were to lose or not be in office for some reason they would still aspire to be what they want and use whatever freedom is left in this country to do it.

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Don said...

Wow. I give them credit for filling me in on more health care policy specifics than any of the candidates. Maybe both campaigns should have their own drill teams.
"Well Gwen, I'm glad you asked about cuts we'll need to make because of the financial crisis, and here to tell you about them, may I present Dog Team Alpha and Omega!"