Thursday, October 02, 2008

Praise to the glorious leader! [UPDATED]

I am not responsible for any vomit that gets in your keyboard.

To help purge your stomachs, I have added the goofy, utopian lyrics to the post.

Music and lyrics by Lily Campbell

We’re gonna spread happiness
We’re gonna spread freedom
Obama’s gonna change it
Obama’s gonna lead ‘em

We’re gonna change it
And rearrange it
We’re gonna change the world.

Music and lyrics by Kathy Sawada

Now’s the moment, lift each voice to sing
Sing with all your heart!
For our children, for our families,
Nations all joined as one.
Sing for joy and sing abundant peace,
Courage, justice, hope!
Sing together, hold each precious hand,
Lifting each other up;
Sing for vision, sing for unity,
Lifting our hearts to Sing!

Music and lyrics by Kathy Sawada

Yes we can
Lift each other up
In peace, in love, in hope
Change! Change!


Amber said...

I saw the story on some news site, but couldn't bring myself to watch. If someone did this to my child, I would claim temporary insanity at my murder trial.

Esther said...

I feel nauseated. Thanks.

That reminded me of the live action movie version of "Animal Farm" right after the horse gets taken away when the animals are all watching the little broadcast. A "grateful duck" comes on the broadcast to "sing the praises" of the "glorious leader." That movie made me cry so much I couldn't watch it more than once.

Stephen said...

I am absolutely revolted by that.

Besides... what do Kids know anyway?
I find using CHILDREN to be a Base and Deplorable tactic to try and get elected.

For Shame.

ronald said...

Obama supporters do seem a bit cult-ish. I've never seen so many people wrapped up in such empty language. (yes we can, change,) I guess that's what 8 years of Bush does to the weakest in our society.

Don said...

Funny, I thought it made them crave a "Maverick".

It's always sad to see singing and North Korea and not hear "I'm wone-wy...""

Tracy said...

I'm with you Don. Why would anyone want a Maverick? They were terrible cars.

Gino said...

tracy: normally, i find general agreement with you, and many times, absolute dead on 100% agreement.

but your remark about mavericks being terrible is just so off the mark i must set you straight.
good car.
borderline great car.
i loved the hell out of mine, and would buy one today if i got a deal.

Tracy said...

I must confess I have never worked on a Maverick...maybe I was thinking of the Vega. Mr. Evil had a Comet which I believe was the Mercury clone and that car wasn't a good car. He left it on fire in someone's yard if I remember correctly.

robert the grump said...

This video made me want to vote for Kim Jong Il, somehow.

Yes, Obama supporters do sometimes seem cultish. McCain supporters, however, seem clueless. Like the last eight years never happened.

Sorry, McSame, I'm whistling this tune and voting for my dawg, Obama.

robert the grump said...

F ind me a Maverick that runs.
O nly you can't.
R eally, it was a crappy car.
D on't listen to Gino.