Thursday, October 09, 2008

Interesting Health Care Proposal

This is always an emotionally charged subject and there is no doubt in my mind that some of you will respond with some skepticism or the typical "you don't care about sick people" sort of response.  That's fine.  I also know that none of you read this blog to hear the same crap that is spoon fed to you by politicians. 


robert the grump said...

Interesting. He accuses politicians of selling oversimplified and disingenuous explanations of our health care problems, and then he presents his plan...

Which is oversimplified and disingenuous.

Right, everyone could afford healthcare if they just stopped going to the bar every night.

Apparently, he's never spoken to a young person with children who is early in the career track and has no money. I've been there. Never go to bars, spent nothing I didn't have to spend. Couldn't afford healthcare for years.

I got lucky and didn't get sick, and eventually I moved up the ladder and got paid. But I'm going to wish cancer on this idiot.

Tracy said...

Not everyone but some. And these "some" are not acknowledged by Washington DC as existing.

The video acknowledged that many people (like your example of young people with children) already qualify for some type of assistance and don't sign up for it.

The video acknowledges this still doesn't cover everyone but at least finally gives room to address those who are genuinely needy.

And remember, this video wasn't about the health care was about people who can afford coverage but remain in the uncovered statistic so people in Washington can push Universal coverage which is just newspeak for 'centrally rationed'.