Thursday, October 02, 2008

VP Debate response

I wasn't going to watch it. Really.

I watched half of it with the sound on and half of it with the sound off using closed captioning. This way I could judge their words and consider their responses. Two problems with captioning with me is that I read too slowly to use it and the captioning wasn't that great. Deaf people get the short end of the stick with captioning since it seems to be controlled phonetically so sometimes it spits out gibberish...but anyway.

One thing that strikes me about Palin's performance is that she is basically debating the positions of three other people who are all Senators. These Senators talk about the issues like Senators do and have lots of facts and figures at the top of their heads. something you'd expect from people who had been in the job as long as Obama, Biden and McCain. Palin is a governor in the state furthest away from Washington DC. For her to hold her own on the same subjects was impressive.

The second part of her job is that she does not just have to know the issues from Washington DC, but she has to be able to defend the positions of John McCain when John McCain can barely defend his positions. I read her eyes and can tell that she doesn't think much of McCain but is making the most of an opportunity.

I like Biden. I always have. He's great on issues like privacy and I think he could potentially influence a repeal of the worst parts of the Patriot Act. His job was to defend himself and talk about their positions and I could tell that his least favorite part of the debate was defending Barack Obama and his positions. He has openly spoken about how he is not entirely pleased about how their campaign is being run.

My response is pretty much that I wish both Biden and Palin were on the top of the ticket...not the bottom. I couldn't help but think the debate would've greatly benefited from Wayne Allyn Root on stage also.


robert the grump said...

You think Palin "held her own" on the issues? Really?

What debate were you watching? She was elusive, failed to answer most questions, answered a different question than what she was asked, and mainly stuck to talking points that were printed on the notes she nervously kept referring to.

I thought it was a weak performance, weaker than George W. Bush in the last two elections. Her lack of knowledge on the issues was unbelievable. She couldn't even name the commander of our troops in Afghanistan. Instead of McKiernan, she said McClellan several times.

McClellan was the guy Lincoln fired after Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson beat him like a drum.

Without the notes that some Republican hack wrote for her, she'd have spent an hour and a half talking about moose hunting.

On the other hand, I was sure that Biden would self-destruct with condescending lectures, philabuster opinions and pedantic speeches. To my surprise, he was level-headed and under control. He displayed vast knowledge of the issues, the players and foreign policy without boring me.

This was a huge win for Biden. All Palin had to do was stay close, since expectations were so incredibly low after Katie Couric depantsed her TV. But she failed.

Obama/Biden 2 - McCain/Palin 0.

Tracy said...

Keep in mind I only meant that they both played the game. As for sticking to issues they were both wrong and would never get my vote.

As for Biden being some sort of constitutional expert I should remind him that the constitution gives no authority for marriage of any kind and that Article I of the constitution does not mention the office of the Vice President. Also, Biden couldn't remember the name of "the country uh...just..north of...Israel" for everyone else it's called Lebanon.

Biden 0
Palin 0
America 0

That's the real score.

robert the grump said...

I come here whenever I'm feeling too optimistic. Thanks for letting the air of America's tires, Mr. cup completely empty.

Mr. Evil said...

Palin won in a blow out. She was librarian hot, has those great square glasses, and that skirt was fantastic. I could just picture pushing her up against that podium and having some good ole clean American fun.

As far as Biden not liking to talk about or defend Obama, why bother. He knows as well as I do if Obama wins, the odds of him being President very long are about zero. Biden is counting on the fact that Obama will get taken out and he will be President. He never ever would have agreed to be the VP other wise.

We also know if McCain wins he will die in office from something due to his age. So it comes down to this. Do you want to look at Biden for 4 years on TV or Palin? Lets face it, whoever wins this election will be a worthless hack. I would rather look at the sexy milf hockey mom.

Palin 8.5 Milf
Biden 0.0 Ugly old white guy

ronald said...

Yeah, I gotta go with Mr. Evil on this one. I wish we had a governor like her to look at here in California.