Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One step closer to Anarchy

I was late to work yesterday morning by one hour. It seems the government forgot to tell my fancy automated clock that daylight savings time had moved. Consequently my clock fell back one hour on its own.

Can what time it is qualify as a 10th amendment provision or is that general welfare? Does my alarm clock really require central planning?

Yesterday I took a step closer to being an anarchist.


tully said...

My God! So that's what happened to that hour of my day!

I honestly had no idea. I thought I'd just taken an hour long crap.

(Was that crude?)

lynda said...

don't forget. change your clocks back again this weekend!

Esther said...

Has the government gone and confused you? Don't worry, they've got a 10 year plan to help you remember when Daylight Savings changes. It's going to cost $5 billion in advertising per year and they're going to hire some more useless people. But by the end of ten years you won't be wondering when the time change happens.

robert the grump said...

The rich took your hour. Don't worry. Obama will get it back.