Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Who would win in a fight? - #3



James Dean

The battle of the leather jacketed stars which includes Wisconsin native and high school dropout Fonzie (Arthur Fonzarelli) and the Rebel Without a Cause Jim Stark (played by James Dean.)

Don't expect any knives or heat to be present at this fight as they're both troubled young men who can get a girl but typically shy away from a fight.  I'd expect some creative tough talk from these two guys that will end in an eventual marshmallow fight.

Comments are open now...declare your winner!


berburbaby said...

Malcolm is a wiry little smartass with a penchant for sticking his foot in his mouth. Kevin is a wishy washy Charlie Brown pining after the little brown eyed girl. Both are very familiar with the brotherly beatdown, and it's difficult to say which brother is the bigger butthole.

So, hmmm.

I'll say Malcolm. He probably could slither around behind Kevin and do that Vulcan thing on his neck to knock him out.

kiki said...

fred savage.

Mr. Evil said...

Fred Savage would wipe the floor with that little maggot.

Esther said...

I'm going with Malcolm. I think it would take several minutes of play-by-play wondering before Fred Savage actually realized he was in a fight. By that time he'd be unconscious.

Kelly said...

I'm going with Kevin Arnold FTW! Kevin would go primal and dish out a steaming pile of whoop ass
Besides, Malcolm's a wussy who'd probably cry

Sharonus said...

Kevin's dad surely beats his ass 'off camera'. Based on that, he likely has a lot of repressed anger he could use to go crazy on Malcom.

Tracy said...

I believe Charlie Brown pined for the 'Little Red Haired Girl' and it was Van Morrison who wanted the Brown Eyed Girl...just sayin'

little-cicero said...


The answer is in the eyes.