Friday, April 25, 2008

McCain the Uniter...uh...whatever

Since being involved with the GOP nominating process I've discovered that in my area the GOP has been largely fair and accepting of Ron Paul delegates (ie - newcomers) and have not universally singled them out as unacceptable. 

That said there has been an ultimate qualifier as to if a delegate is seriously considered.  Will you support the nominee?  They don't even use his name...they just call him "the nominee." 

McCain just received 72% of the vote in Pennsylvania and 27% decided that both Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee were worth a vote even if it didn't mean anything.  McCain doesn't seem to be a unifying figure at least at this point in the campaign.

So I have a question to McCain supporters:

Do YOU support the nominee?

I'm sick of your type badgering me and others about our loyalty to John McCain when his own supporters don't even bother to vote for him, put up a yard sign or canvas a neighborhood.  Look I understand that you want him elected because of the whole "he's better than Hillary or Obama" thing but c'mon.  There is more to supporting a candidate than simply saying you'll support him.  Why is McCain's campaign broke while Ron Paul still has millions in the bank?

Over a year ago an obscure Texas Congressman said he would run for president.  He was invited to the debates but was rarely given more than 4 minutes of face time.  He was marginalized and only mentioned in any press coverage with the qualifier of "long shot" and his supporters made him a national figure.  Everyone knows who Ron Paul is today.  We supported him. 

In contrast the John McCain supporters don't even refer to him in name...they refer to him as "the nominee" and promise a vote for him but I doubt that many of his so-called supporters will encourage others to back him.  McCain's delegates don't even show up to the county conventions as seen here, here, here and here.

So let me make a simple and practical suggestion:

If you're not going to support him, then don't ask me to.  When you see this turd of a candidate floundering next October, don't look to me as the problem...don't look at the dreaded Ron Paul people as the reason John McCain can't get above 45%.  If he's doing better by Fall then I know  you will have started to get more serious.  When I see a John McCain blimp in the sky I'll know you mean it and not just holding your nose while pulling the lever.

In the meantime just stop the third degree and get your own campaign started...maybe others will join when they see you mean it.


Gino said...

nice smack down on the GOP.

here in CA, our primary has been over since superdooper tues. and the RON PAUL signs are still everywhere.

as a matter of... it was ONLY the paul signs that were ever out in the first place. you'd think he won orange county in an unopposed landslide.
and at least half of these signs are homemade banners. what does that tell ya?

and i never saw any mc cain or romney buttons on any blog pages either. but paul was, again, everywhere.

robert the grump said...

Someone has to support John McCain. He's too old to support himself.

Ron Paul is old, too. But he seems like a vital, sharp dude.

McCain scares the living hell out of me when he rants about the Shiites in Iraq when he actually means the Sunnis.

What if he gets confused and orders Petraeus to eradicate the wrong side?

Esther said...

I suspect that McCain is certifiable. This is not a joke.

Anonymous said...

The 70+% results in PA are up for debate, as far as I've heard. Don't trust those electronic voting machines, they are all rigged for the establishment! ;)

Tracy said...

But even if it was rigged just to get up to 72%, it only exaggerates that in a closed primary...the guy with the nomination sewed up should get a vote of confidence from his party.