Sunday, April 20, 2008

Look Mom! I'm a Republican (part 2)

I attended a delegate meeting hosted by my county GOP.  The meeting was short, orderly, and very much a mutual admiration society.  Libertarians have been accused of being a debate society rather than a political party and in that same context I'd compare the GOP (at least my local brand) as more of a country club.

I love talking to both Republicans and Democrats because I find myself explaining things to them in ways they've never heard.  You see, once you bring a discussion from a standpoint of liberty they realize that you're neither liberal or conservative...but something else.  The man I talked to today recognized it for what it was.

I spoke to a man who is absolutely for a national ID card.  His argument is that citizens have limited rights for their privacy and no right to anonymity.  What he thought would be his trump card backfired and he asked me, "Why don't you want an ID card, what do you have to hide?"  My answer surprised him.

I have plenty to hide I told him.  The details of my life are my own because I own my life.  He had no right to know the private details of my life anymore than he has the right to use my house without permission.  What belongs to me belongs to me.

He brought up the straw-man of identity theft (staying curiously away from the subject of finding illegals also known as Mexicans) and said that the safety of our society depends on being certain who everyone is.  I asked him if he was sure who I was, after all I was only wearing a name tag.  He conceded he didn't know for sure and then I continued by asking him that if I was misrepresenting myself in this conversation and I was not who I said I was...did he have a case against me?  Could he claim damages?  He brought up identity theft again and I explained to him that the real crime is theft which government should always prosecute to the highest degree.  That government should protect the property of all persons (citizens and otherwise) against the fraud and force of others. 

He then admitted that my argument was the first one he ever heard that made some sense and felt like he needed to rethink his own view some and then sound more like a libertarian to me.  To my point perhaps I had misrepresented myself. 

Congratulations moron, you're officially an object lesson.


Gino said...

national ID card sounds like a good idea at first.
but whenever i hear somebody bring it up, i cant help thinking its more reminiscent of something the USSR would do.

if we hadnt already gone down the road of national ID numbers, like social security, we wouldnt have much of an issue with ID theft, or privacy infringement.

i say we solve the problem by turning back the clock, instead of making things worse.

ronald said...

In a free country you should never have to show your papers.

robert the grump said...

National ID cards are too easily faked.

How about tatooing an ID number on your forearm instead? Same idea. I think that's been tried before, though...

Tracy said...


Obviously you've never heard of 9/11.

I win.

robert the grump said...

Only the accusation of not knowing about 9/11 can top a Hitler comparison...damn you!

You've thwarted me this time, but I'll be back to deliver a withering Dick Cheney,"So?"