Sunday, April 06, 2008

Look Mom! I'm a Republican

So I told you back in February that I attended my local GOP Caucus and was elected a delegate to the county convention.  We were able to win the Caucus for Ron Paul with a moderate amount of organization.  But the real test would be what would happen at the county convention.

I live in what is probably the 3rd largest county in Washington State in population.  The 1st Legislative District has many precincts that are heavily Republican.  The entire convention was nearly 800 delegates.  How would our organization stand up to these kind of numbers?

Of the 140 delegates comprised in my district we had the duty of electing only 24 delegates to the state convention which will be in lovely Spokane in late May.  Was there even a chance any Ron Paul delegates would make the cut in a district that was actively black-balling anyone in the rEVOLution?  I ran for state delegate and gave this simple, small speech that included these words:

I believe in limited government.  Government that is only large enough to protect rights that are accorded to us as individuals and not people groups.  I believe in protecting our economy with sound money...

These buzzwords were heartfelt and deliberate.  I meant to say that you may think of me as a conservative since most of you probably thought Milton Friedman was a conservative and Ludwig von Mises was a classical composer... and if you're smart enough to understand what sound money is...then you're probably already a Ron Paul supporter and will want to vote for me.  I won on the first ballot and I'm off to Spokane.  Not exactly a great reward but will make the blog more interesting.

I will cover some of the rest of the experience from the convention in an upcoming podcast as some of this story telling can only be done in front of a roaring fire.  Look for it soon.


Gino said...

i just found out today that my son (21, not near, and at that age when he rarely talks to Dad), was walking precincts in south OC for ron paul.
he said he had a lot of fun, met lots of cute chicks, and made a few friends he now hangs out with.
(and he saved a t-shirt for his dad)

see? the Ron Paul campaign is already improving the lives of some americans.
just imagine if he won the nomination.

Tracy said...

As Dr. Paul said:

"The freedom message doesn't divide us, it brings us together."

That was a cool story Gino...I got a tshirt out of the campaign as well but I'm not really that much closer to my family as a result...mostly cuz they're dumb. HA HA HA.