Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Personal Earth Hour Experience

Earth Hour.  Sixty minutes of sitting around in the dark.  One complete hour of not using any electricity.  No computers, no appliances, no televisions or stereos.

Google showed their commitment by making their page black instead of white as if they were virtually turning out the lights.  Cities from all over the world were participating and kids in public schools in the  United States were being indoctrinated to harass their parents until they submitted and agreed to participate.

I also participated.

Conservation in general is something I like quite a bit.  I am someone who strives to use less packaging, drive fuel efficient vehicles that also have an ultra-low emission rating.  I'm what many here in the stupid Seattle area would consider to be green, but I'm not really.  I'm a conservationist.  I hate waste.  Earth hour was something I could get behind even though I knew fully that it would make no difference.

I lit candles,  lots of them.  I had a hand-cranked radio that I listened to.  I played a word game with family.  All devices were off (except a few later that I forgot were on...whoops) and turned off my porch light.  It was basically like living in the 1890's.

When it was all over I turned my front porch light back on but nothing else went back least not right away.

The end result was nothing though and that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.  Liberal do-gooders always plan these types of things and focus greatly on the experience rather than any measurable difference.  I knew this going in so I had no high expectations but I did still gain something by it.

Like wilderness hiking and camping it is good remind oneself that you have the ability to live simply, minimally and if need be...with bare essentials.  The act of being prepared and self-sufficient is an element that most liberals probably didn't consider because it's very...well...libertarian really.

Playing a board game by candlelight proved nothing.  It did give me one more excuse though to live as minimally as possible at that moment.  I consider that a worthy reminder that everyone needs... at least once in awhile.


kiki said...

hmm...when was this global earth hour that everyone participated in? i didn't even hear about it. and i'm on the internet all day.

i participate in conserving energy by never turning on the heat at my place. coming over in the winter requires lots of blankets and sweatshirts. i just hate turning on the heat. can't explain it. you can always put on more layers, but you can't get more nekkid.

robert the grump said...

Every day is Earth day for you - you live in a bunker in the panhandle of Idaho.

Unless you've recently electrified the place.

It's true that Libertarians are prepared. That's why you keep a year's supply of canned goods in the bunker, and two years supply of ammo.

When you aren't busy walking the streets with a sign that says, "The end is near."

Gino said...

i live as minimally as possible every night when i shut everything off and go to bed for seveeral hours.

not quite sure what the big deal is.

as for grump's comment:

two yrs supply? good lord grump. you only need enough to get you through the first fire fight with those who already saved up(unknowingly) on your behalf.

little-cicero said...

Plato's Republic has Socrates distinguishing the healthy city from the luxurious city, and finding that the source of warfare, disease and so many of the city's ills is the decadence and depletion of resources within the bounds of the state.

As for gino, that guinea's idea of conservation is "Leave the gun, take the cannolli,"

Gino said...

you can take the canoli when you pry it from my cold dead hands.

little-cicero said...

Hmm. I wasn't aware you were also a gay rights activist...


little-cicero said...

And THAT sort of base humor is the skill we really learn in college.

Tracy said...

Did you expect anything else from a quality liberal arts education? Hmmmm. Also, Gino...I won't touch your canoli...I don't swing that way.

Gino said...

so i take it you've been eating lots of canoli?
i thought you were in college, not seminary.


robert the grump said...

I thought I was in a political blog, but it turned out to be a gay bar.

And that's okay. As a progressive liberal, I support your right to live freely in society with the same priveleges as other Americans.

Gino and LC, I support your right to engage in a civil union.

I wish you hadn't ruined the word "cannoli" for me, however.

Esther said...

No comment.

little-cicero said...

The question of whether that is in fact a comment is debatable indeed. I would argue that since it abides by every technical criteria for being considered a comment, it is indeed a comment. If one puts value on intentions, it is not intented as a comment, but rather as a negation of commentary. If not a negation of commentary. However, it is a positive commentary expressing astonishment at the comments in question, in which case it certainly is a comment.

Tracy said...

I think LC is saying that you're like Obama and kinda snobbish. That noting your comment is without comment...the subtext is that it is beneath you to enter into this discussion (rightly so) and that you're an elitist...or if not an least more elite than an 8th grade boy.


little-cicero said...

In addition, Tracy is an anarchist and Gino is a guinea.