Monday, April 07, 2008

Bob Barr to inherit Ron Paul Revolution?

Bob Barr announced the formation of an exploratory committee (people to count fundraising money) for a possible run for the Libertarian Party nomination.  I like Bob Barr to a degree but he is no Ron Paul and hasn't earned the right to even sit in Harry Browne's now empty wheelchair.

What I like:

  • Bob Barr understands the true spending problem
  • Wants to eliminate the IRS and repeal the 16th Amendment
  • Has already worked with both parties to overturn or rewrite much of the Patriot Act to restore civil liberties
  • Is now very against the war in Iraq and nation building
  • Is against pre-emptive war

What I don't like so much:

  • Bob Barr is for the Fair Tax as a replacement to the Income Tax
  • He is strongly for securing the border (I disagreed with Ron Paul on this also)
  • Bob Barr voted for the war initially

You may like him.  Obviously since I'm such a high roller Republican now (ha ha) it is impossible for me to endorse him but given the list of candidates currently seeking the LP nomination, I'd have to name Barr my clear favorite.


Gino said...

you are wrong on the border.
rule of law and national soverigenty demand and require secure and enforcable borders.

Tracy said...


I know where you're coming from and can't argue against your position at all. The heart of soveriengty is to control your own borders. I have an anti-statist view that is less concerned about border security but I will say this.

As Barr states and the LP platform position states: We neither have open or closed borders. The biggest problem we have on this issue is that we ignore laws we have on the books...and THAT problem has spilled over into so many other rights violations. I know on at least that much there is common ground.

Gino said...

yes, we have some common ground.

i'm not, repeat NOT, opposed to immigration at all. (my dad is an immigrant).

i prefer a very open and unlimited migrant policy. no quotas. no preferences for family, or races.
no limits on numbers.

but it must be by the rules, and regulated to a certain degree.
and strictly enforced. (true, i dont leave much to be enforced to begin with)

i dont support open borders. that is immigration anarchy.