Monday, September 29, 2008

Who is laughing now?

Peter Schiff appeared last year on TV predicting this financial crisis we are experiencing now. (Schiff was also on Ron Paul's economic advising team) The show had on some other economists who laughed at Schiff's predictions as if he was crazy. Watch as they all laugh at what Schiff is saying about the economy a year ago.

My favorite part is when the host says, "We appreciate having another point of view." in defending Schiff. I'm glad they were open to entertain "another point of view" especially when HE WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO WAS CORRECT.

Wall Street has too much arrogance to be trusted with a bail out.


berburbaby said...

Oh, I'm laughing. I'm laughing hysterically as I see the value of my $$$ crashing down and notice how many 'friends' of mine are still supporting Obama. I suppose that's not such a bad idea, since they'll need him to start making programs where they will be eligible to receive gov't help next.

robert the grump said...

Who is the African-American gentleman in this video? He sounds exactly like John McCain.

He thinks the economy is fundamentally sound and there's nothing to worry about. These people scare the hell out of me.

McCain will ask Phil Gramm to help him "fix" the economy. That's like asking Hitler to fix the negative image of Jews.

ronald said...

"every interest dollar paid is an interested dollar earned, it's a zero net gain." That guy is a loser. Schiff ate his lunch.

so what does he say to do in his book crash proof?

Don said...

Okay, I know this could easily have been CNBC, but my first reaction is-Claude Rains style-shock, SHOCK there are arrogant know-nothing blowhards on Fox News. Pretty astonishing foresight by that fella.