Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lobbyists and Government Corruption

Everyone I know says that there are too many lobbyists in Washington DC trying to influence lawmakers on behalf of evil corporations. Those who say that are right but only half-right.

Hillary Clinton stated correctly that many lobbyists represent other people groups for the sake of fairness and justice and everyone should have a right to organize their group to influence lawmakers. It's how the system works whether you like it or not. My jaw dropped at hearing that accidental moment of honesty. But she was also half-right.

The reason libertarians believe there should be smaller government is simple and complex at the same time. When Washington over-regulates and has more power, their scope and influence at the lowest levels become bigger. More is at stake in the interest of everyone when the federal government can declare you a winner or a loser.

If lawmakers could make a decision that could put you out of work, raise or lower the value of your home, or decide what kind of car you should drive people tend to pay attention. If you and people like you are seeking protection the best way is to organize and attempt to lobby lawmakers to put you on the winning team. Not doing so would be foolish. This is what you must do when over-regulation exists.

A smaller government with far less regulation would wield less power. They would not be able to, as easily, destroy certain industries while propping up others. A smaller government would not be worth lobbying because their scope and influence could not be counted on to make a difference. Also, smaller government would tend to be more honest.

In a smaller government, lawmakers would play less of a role and courts would play a larger role. Instead of the federal government being convinced through lobbyists to favor certain corporations or people groups, courts would enforce contracts, determine whether fraud or force existed in an unlawful manner. To survive, corporations would need to seek the opinions of their customers rather than making sure lawmakers took choices away from customers.

I tire so much of hearing Republicans speak of smaller government because they are lying. They want government to be large to protect the interest of their favorite lobbying group. Libertarians want orderly government. We want the same things that everyone else wants. Good education, clean water, low pollution, safe food and consumer products. We do believe that free markets (not managed markets that Republicans call free markets) are the best, cheapest, and most moral delivery method possible.

I want a government that is strong enough to protect the rights and liberties of every citizen. A federal government only large enough to treat everyone the same so that lobbying as corporations or people groups would be pointless.

Only a smaller government can reduce the influence of corrupt lobbying.

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Esther said...

I never thought of it that way before. Thanks.