Thursday, September 04, 2008

Some stuff

The last The Dave and Steve Show featured one of the most popular icons in the Pacific Northwest, clown and entertainer JP Patches. Growing up in the Seattle area I watched the JP Patches show without fail. Talking to him was in many ways a childhood dream come true. .

Sarah Palin's speech last night was really good. I'd have to vote that Huckabee's speech was the best as he is the most polished speaker of both conventions. May as well watch it and enjoy it...$33 Million dollars of tax payer money was used to fund these two gatherings of the mutual admiration society. McCain is still essentially Bob Dole without the humor

I'll be working on a new podcast pretty soon and will probably have special guest Mr. Evil with me to add that angst you all complained didn't come from me.


Gino said...

since you are geographically closer to her than the rest of us, how bout having sarah palin as a guest speaker instead.
just think, you be in the presence of arctic hotness and your ratings will go up.

Mr. Evil said...

I really enjoyed listening to her rip the living shit out of Obama. We can only hope it is the beginning of the end for what could be the biggest mistake in US history if he is elected. The more he talks, the more I think he may be worse then our whore of a governor. Hell he might even make Jimmy Carter look good.

robert the grump said...

Palin read a speech written by a former Bush speech writer, from a teleprompter. Big deal. Everything she accused Obama of was nonsense. Easily refuted.

Her entire speech was attack dog negativity without one statement on the issues or any explanation or detail on how McCain is going to fix the economy or 'win' the war that Bush started against the wrong country.

Try listening to the vomit coming out of her piehole instead of staring at her former beauty queen looks (well, runner-up beauty queen) and cultish hairdo. What is up with that hair? She looks like the women of the FLDS.

This woman is to the right of Mussolini and further from the center than Obama on his worst day.

McCain has lost his mind. I'm not surprised. I have no short term memory at age 50 and McCain is old enough to be my father. He's clearly forgotten every thing he ever knew about politics.

You people who are raving over this Palin nutcase need to stop taking drugs. This is so bad, even Kay Bailey Hutchinson would be an improvement. Ugh.

Tracy said...

You want me to have the Arctic Fox on eh? I like the idea...I'm sure I'd be at the top of her list.

I enjoyed listening to her rip Obama not because of anything political because I'm still not voting for McCain but because I love it when someone from a small town rips an elitist. Obama is a smug a$$hole without an ounce of genuine humility...politics aside he would never earn my vote.

Believe me this is the election where I'm truly holding my nose and voting this time as I'm not exactly satisfied with anyone out there running.

Mr. Evil said...

Haha, you accuse her of what everyone has said over and over about Obama. He never takes a stand on anything. All he does is yap change and more change but never tells us how he will accomplish any of it. We do know you can say good bye to guns and hello to more taxes and a huge budget deficit.

Personally I would vote for Mussolini over Obama. In fact I would vote for Adolf Hitler, Satan, Stalin, Napoleon or Attila the Hun over Obama.

I do however agree with Tracy about the election. It’s like comparing two piles of shit. But Obama is definitely the bigger pile.

Don said...

"I would vote for Adolf Hitler, Satan, Stalin, Napoleon or Attila the Hun over Obama."

That may be the dumbest thing I've ever read...

any idiot knows Satan would never survive the primary process.

Tracy said...

Don is right. Satan is a polarizing figure and would probably ignore many of the earlier primary states and never recover. Wait...I think I'm talking about Guliani. Sorry got mixed up.

Amber said...

I'd like to hear mr. evil interview JP Patches. Now that's entertainment.

Mr. Evil said...

If any of you have seen the South Park movie, that is the real Satan. I swell fun loving guy that is just a tad gay. The Democrats would eat that shit up. He would be a party hero.

Anonymous said...