Sunday, September 07, 2008

A presidential prediction

"You know, I know, everybody watching this show knows that four years from today, whichever of them is elected, government will be bigger, more expensive, more obtrusive, and more oppressive. If you vote Republican or Democrat, you are giving up. You’re saying ‘I’m never going to be free. America will never be a free country again. I will never get smaller government. So I’m just going to vote for the one I think will take me to hell at the slowest-possible rate.’"

- Harry Browne (on Meet the Press in 2000)

True then. True today.


Gino said...

but sarah is still hot.
and will be four yrs from now.
tough choice, i know.
follow my brain? or surrender my heart?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is your heart you would be voting with....go a little lower... men

Tracy said...

Sarah doesn't have my heart yet...I'll possibly change my vote from Barr if she punches McCain at any point before November.

Everyone has a price.