Monday, September 22, 2008

It must be said

Sure you didn't support Ron Paul. Sure you thought he was a bit nutty and wasn't a mainstream candidate. You were confused that he had such a following yet you'd never heard of him. You never could figure out why you saw a blimp in the air or several of your neighbors had a yardsign for a candidate that the news never talked about.

In the debates he stood near the end, next to the likes of Tom Tancredo and Sam Brownback and was barely given any time to speak. You remember mostly because he tried to tell you as much as possible in just the few minutes he was given while McCain, Romney and Thompson droaned on about their insignificant nuances to policies they largely agreed on.

Ron Paul talked about the economy. He said that the government was lying about their measurements of the economy and that we were really in a recession. He said it quickly because he had no time to talk. He predicted the economic system failure that we're watching unfold before our eyes but you probably don't remember since McCain and Romney argued about whether the word 'timetables' was code for bringing the troops home. No one argued over Ron Paul's words because the other candidates didn't understand them. He was using words last year that we're only now beginning to understand while we wonder if our money is safe in the bank down the street.

Do you now understand why it is so dangerous to just pick from top candidates and not give support to politicians who tell the truth? Do you understand now why it is so dangerous to pretend to follow politics but instead you're just sleepwalking while following along with the cult of personalities that are paraded in front of you?

In both 2000 and 2004 you told me that voting for Harry Browne or Michael Badnarik (who both also predicted this mess and Browne wrote several books about it) was a wasted vote because not voting against the opponent of your major party was going to usher in destruction. This collapse would've occurred under Kerry, Gore, or McCain. The economic system was based upon inflated debt, and currency backed by empty promises. You would've known this if you had listened to Dr. Paul.

You, Mr. and Mrs. America are dumbasses. We tried to tell you but you gave Ron Paul just four minutes to talk during a ninety minute debate and acted all excited when Fred Thompson finally threw his hat in...only to learn that his hat was all he contributed to the process. You wanted to hear Rudy even though no one was going to vote for him. You told pollsters all of the stupid things that you were concerned with while your money was becoming more and more worthless by the day.

Here is a short invterview with Ron Paul to remind you how stupid you all have been.

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Amber said...

Sick of it all. Damn Republicans with their heads stuck up their asses blocking any discussion of the one candidate who could have helped save us. Of course, by the time he would have been sworn in, we will all be unemployed, cars will be sitting along side the freeway because gas is back up to $6/gallon, and Bernnake will be in hiding for his life because he f'd us all over and someone a little less rational than Big T and I finally figured it out and the Hit is on.