Saturday, December 29, 2007

Carnation Killer

Now on national news the awful murder of 6 that happened on Christmas Eve is being referred to as the Carnation Killings and the murderers as the Carnation Killers.

I grew up near Carnation and at one time my family's mailing address was in Carnation. I eventually went to high school there. I've never thought much of the town frankly but it didn't deserve this distinction.

One of my early memories was of a high school girl in the Carnation area being murdered and taken from the place she was babysitting. The guy that did it was a guy that my sister went to high school with and always described as kind of "weird and scary." I was always a bit more fearful of being in Carnation as a kid because I assumed it was completely lawless. Eventually in high school I had less fear and contributed to some degree with my own style of lawlessness.

Just thought I'd give another angle to this that you couldn't possibly read anywhere else.


robert the grump said...

The Carnation murders will be an interesting court case. The killers are guilty as hell and no lawyer on earth can get them off.

They've basically confessed and the evidence is overwhelming. The battle will be over the sentence.

I can't remember a case in recent times in this state that screamed so loudly for capital punishment. Michele Anderson and her boyfriend killed her parents, brother, sister in-law and their two children in cold blood, execution style. It was obviously premeditated. The boyfriend has already admitted that he apologized to the two little kids and then shot them to death. A couple of Hail Marys is not going to cut it as penance.

But Washington is same asshole state that decided not to pursue the death penalty for the Green River Killer. Gary Ridgeway confessed to killing 48 women, and he probably killed more. Yet he was given a life sentence in return for confessing and for revealing where he disposed of the bodies.

So the question is; if Gary Ridgeway gets life, how can anyone who killed less than 50 people get the death penalty?

This state is run by idiots. I'm a bleeding heart liberal, but for two dollars, I'll step up and inject all of these bastards.

Tracy said...

Will you do it for two Ron Paul dollars?

robert the grump said...

For two Ron Paul "dollars" I'll pull the switch the entire population of McNeil Island Penitentiary.

Those suckers are collectable.