Sunday, December 16, 2007

Meaningless issues

While your dollar is tanking and our federal bankers in China continue to bankroll a war almost no one wants us in anymore, these are the issues that we're supposed to be concerned about:

Mitt Romney is Mormon. (confirmed)

Hillary is a woman. (allegedly)

Mike Huckabee doesn't have a theology degree. (confirmed)

John McCain has a bad temper. (allegedly)

Barak Obama is black. (This is mostly confirmed)

Rudy Guliani likes to fool around. (confirmed)

John Edwards pays alot of money for haircuts. (confirmed)

Dennis Kucinich saw a UFO. (confirmed)

Fred Thompson... nevermind...nobody cares.

Will Ron Paul run 3rd party?


Gino said...

he wont go 3rd party.
he already has said as much, and he keeps his word.

Tracy said...

Plus it's important to note that he is running for Congress at the same time (the old LBJ rule in Texas)...and running 3rd party would disqualify him from running as a Republican in Texas thus putting his Congressional seat at risk.

robert the grump said...

Huckabee and Romney are arguing over who is softer on crime.

That's like Don Rumsfeld and Robert McNamera arguing over who was the worst Secretary of Defense.

Gino said...

the GOP can do better than Gomer Pyle(hucks) and Darwood(mitt) fighting with each other.

and they have.
Ron Paul is right there, and most of them cant see it.

Esther said...

You forgot about the issue of whether or not Obama wanted to run for president when he was in kindergarten.

Ronald said...

Hey Tracy - do you want Ron Paul to run 3rd party?

Tracy said...

No 3rd party. He should stay in Congress...I think in a few years more Constitutionalists will join him...he won't be as lonely.