Friday, December 28, 2007

Holiday Season Medicated Blogpost

I can't sleep...cold medicine does two things to me. Makes me too sleepy to be functional and too awake to get a rested sleep. My cold started when my family left on Christmas...I think my niece ended up getting me sick...not sure.

I watched the Charlie Brown Christmas special a few times (on DVD) and I think Charles Schultz took a swipe at psychiatry. Lucy wanted to label Charlie Brown's fears instead of help him with it. I've not really paid attention to that scene before.

Bhutto is dead and Pakistan is under a military dictator that possesses nuclear weapons...but at least they're our allies in the war on terror.

It snowed on Christmas Day here.

I saw a guy that looked like a guy who used to be on something that wasn't very popular and not a main character. Never make the mistake of trying to explain that to someone. If they're nice they'll humor you and try to figure out what you're saying when in fact you don't even know what you're saying...and if they're not nice, well...everyone knows where that goes.

My dad got pissed at me one time because my socks were all messed up. He told me when I get new socks I should always wear each one on the same foot...essentially making a left footed sock and a right footed sock. This way they'd retain the same shape and fit better. I had this practice for a long time and my ex-wife mocked me endlessly about it. Last year I stopped the practice because I thought it was silly and then saw that my socks were really messed up about two months ago I started again. This time I took a brand new package of socks and marked them with an "L" and an "R" to get them straight. Before I used to just eyeball them and always thought I knew which was which but I've come to find out that I probably was always doing it wrong. If I try to figure it out by looking without looking at the laundry pen marked letter...I'm wrong more than 50% of the time. I actually used to get frustrated that my socks were not matched properly and in reality they probably were. This no doubt contributed to a failed marriage...that...and that guy she was dating while we were married.

I'm going back to bed now.


Esther said...

That was like some sort of bizarre confession. About your socks.

My view on socks is that they are annoying and they feel strange. No socks are comfortable. I wear sandals as much as possible, but in the winter I have to endure socks or my feet will freeze. I can't wait for spring.

Ronald said...

Yeah dude, that thing about the socks...I don't know that I can look at you anymore.

Can I have your ex-wife's phone number? Thanks.

berburbaby said...

That thing about your niece and the cold...uh, creepy.

I can tell which feet my socks go on by the holes in the big toe. Need to get new socks.

And Esther, you can wear socks with sandals. That's how we do it here in Seattle. Haven't you seen that commercial about the socks and sandals guy?

Bit embarrassing when you have holey socks, though.